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Actual Play Report: The Meaning of the Basilisk Hills

The southern group wakes up on the 25th day. The mercenary seems to be recovering from the encounter of the nest of centipedes. It is estimated that the rest of this area can be scouted by the end of the day, allowing the group to head back towards Liwil in time for the end of the month festival.

Heading east, it only takes a short time when they encounter a sight they knew they would eventually encounter. A group of statues are found that look to be rather old. It looks to be three men who were moving to the southwest. Going east, they find four basilisks sunning themselves some distance away. A quick discussion is held about what actions to take. In the end, it is agreed that for safety, the entire company should be available for any action against them. As they begin to ride away, trying to not disturb the creatures, one person quips that they should enlist the assistance of the Basilisk Knights to route the creatures. That motion is quickly agreed upon and plans are made to speak with the Knights upon return to Liwil.

Later in the day, in the northern part of the scout area, the adventurers begin to hear a droning noise. It is surmised that it is the sound of large insects, quite possibly Robber Flies. Seeing that they are territorial, the mercs are directed to ready arrows as swords are clashed against shields loudly. They are rewarded with the droning sound getting louder and shortly the flies are visible. After several rounds of arrows, the flies are dispatched. A search of the area only turns up a measly amount of copper.

A short distance south of the flies, one of the adventurers happens to glance towards a hillside a short distance away. The mid-afternoon sunlight is gleaming off of the hillside and the adventurers, attracted like a moth to the flame, turn towards it. Their curiosity is rewarded by finding a large vein of gold showing from a hillside. Signs of it being worked are evident. Further inspection turns up an old campsite. It is postulated that the three statues that were found near the basilisks may have been miners who found this vein of gold. If they had left this campsite and headed in the most direct path towards Liwil, that pathway would most likely lead them where the adventurers found them. Discussion of speaking with the alchemist about cures for those miners and preventative against turning to stone is raised. Eventually the group returns to the makeshift camp to gather up the wounded merc. They spend the night, prepared to return to Liwil on the start of the 26th day.

The northern group begins their day working their way south in an east-west pattern. A short ways from the ruins of the lodge, they encounter a large pool of water. This pool empties into a good stream that heads south by southeast. It is surmised that this is the source of the stream that empties into the large body of water east of Liwil, north of Highglade.

Cautiously, the group examines the pool. It is extremely clear, allowing them to see the bottom easily. Nerhgui, having the ring of water walking, steps out several feet away on top of the pond, a keen eye looking downward for signs of potential danger. He feels that he sees some sort of shape, albeit momentarily, at the bottom but nothing untoward occurs. Barbat approaches the pond and, speaking in Irontongue, gives praise to whatever and asks for permission for the water. He is rewarded with some of the coldest, most refreshingly, tasty water he's ever had. The rest of the group also refills their water skins with no harm occurring. The party decides to come investigate this place after surveying the rest of the area.

Continuing south, the party comes around the side of a small hill and come face to face with a group of six wild boars. Both sides are surprised and look at each other. The boars' demeanor begins to change as the standoff moves on. As the archers grab arrows to attack, Barbat charges forward on his horse. He slices through two of the beasts and gravely wounds a third in the initial charge. The rest of the party follows immediately behind, the mercs watching in wonder at the efficient killing by the adventurers. As the last boar is killed, the mercs move forward and begin to skin and dress the slain animals. The adventurers wait for the mercs to finish the job before heading out to finish exploring for the day.

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