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Basilisk Hill Breakdown: April 14th Session

We're taking a break from recording the sessions, due to people being absent for irl reasons, but we're still playing. Here is a write-up of the session from April 14th:

"As the northern adventuring group settles in to camp a mile or so north of the boundary of the DarkWoods, Cieran takes a look at the spell book recovered in the abandoned village of Hezli from the mage of the doomed adventuring party. He notes that of the five spells within, only two are new to him. The book itself could bring some money when sold so the keep it. The night of the 9th day passes uneventfully. The party mounts up and begins the journey back to Liwil shortly after sunup on the 10th day. They go at a moderate pace and keep eyes out for any potential enemies. The roughly 12+ mile trip through the DarkWoods is uneventful and the party is able to reach Liwil near the end of the day. Taking advantage of the time, they stop in and speak with Hewtim Frid the mage about the magic item left for him to identify. The wand is a wand of Magic Missiles with 14 uses. When asked how to go about recharging wands like this, Hewtim has ideas but would like to research this and report back. He is left the medallion and two daggers to identify and the group takes their leave. As they step away from the mage, they remember that the tanner should be finished with his work.

They pick up the tanned dragonhide and the taxidermied Bullette head and return to Black Pit Keep. After a good night's rest, Cieran feels that his capabilities have grown and sets about determining what that may be. During the night, Velsind has a visit from his patron, extolling him on his achievements and entrusting more power into him. When he awakes, he visits Cieran to discuss this revelation and if a similar thing occurred to him. Since the ambassador is visiting in a few days, the group sets up a few tasks. A party of mercs and sent out to the southeast to hunt down some of the deer herd that was encountered near the Bullette and another group set out to buy a few choice hogs. They return with 8 deer and 2 hogs which are then dressed out and readied for the visitor. Cieran and Velsind decide to spend time in magical studies. They first study the two magical rings they have on hand. After some time, they determine that one is a magical ring of protection (+1). The second one is a rather unique item. They determine it is a ring of spell storing, it can only hold one type of spell, and it contains that spell, which is a high level spell of Stone to Flesh, a seemingly appropriate choice in the Basilisk Hills.

The 12th day comes and Velsind and Cieran decide to try the astral tea purchased from the owlfolk village. Knowing that sickness is a side effect, they hope for the opportunity for their mind to be freed and travel the land. The end result is most unfortunate as both men are violently sick for most of the day. This leads into the 13th day where as much that can be cleaned up and straightened up for their visitor is done. On the morning of the 14th day, the part travels to Liwil to escort ambassador Wen-fan to Black Pit keep. After the ambassador's party arrives, eyes widen as they watch the four pixie servants struggle with a rather large chest. It is even more surprising as the servants begin setting up most of the camp that was outside of Liwil. The enchantment on the chest to hold all of the yurt, furniture, and accessories lets them know the power of the Fey.

As the pixies work, they begin walking Wen-fan around Black Pit keep. He notes the workers and points out that workers from Fey could finish in a month what would take these men easily a year to accomplish. They walk around to the right side of the keep and point out the dead dryad tree as they recount the tale of how they assaulted the keep and drove the troglodytes out. They ask the satyr what he knows of the tree. Placing a hand upon the tree, Wen-fan concentrates for a moment then tells a great piece of Fey lore. The tree belonged to Vushia, the great-grandmother of Anven, the Basilisk Knights second in command. Vushia was a part of the Summer's End domain, the same one the ambassador belongs to. He then goes on to speak about how dryad trees work, and how one could still, even today, force open a portal to fairy if the right magics are used on this tree. The party inquires about a tree in Hezli they found that was alone on a hill, burned, the two red maples in a small clump nearby, and if he might know about them. Wen-fan informs them that he doesn't know anything about that tree or who the owner may have been since they could belong to any number of different factions within Fay. About this time, one of the mercs who had been in Hezli raises his hand and says he happened to see something while there. He happened to be on guard in the early evening and was looking in the direction of the two trees. He happened to see the figure of a woman by the trees but dismissed the thought as some sort of effect of the DarkWoods.

Velsind asks Wen-fan if he knows anything about the effects that the DarkWoods could have on creatures from Fey. He speaks about how the two planes interact with the earthly plane but doesn't have an idea what could happen due to long exposure to the negative energy of the DarkWoods. It is possible that there could be corruption but it is hard to tell. Velsind pulls Cieran aside and tells him that some time later they will need to speak to the mercs about informing them of anything unusual. Cieran dismisses the suggestion that one particular merc should be punished and made an example of. The tour continues and they end up over on the left side of the keep. Velsind has the door to the pit opened and asks Wen-fan to look down carefully as he drops some of the refuse left over from dressing out the game animals. The satyr is slightly impressed with the black pudding and pays no real attention to the offering to 'get rid of any bodies' if he desires. As they eat, the itinerary for the next few days is discussed. After eating, the groups trophies are shown. While the dragon head is noted but not remarkable, the Bullette head entrances Wen-fan. The story of how it was defeated is recited and appreciated by the visitor.

In the evening, the talk turns to a more serious nature. The ambassador informs them that while he likes this world, he wished to return to his home sooner than later. It seems to the adventurers that he is almost desperate to obtain an alliance. He mentions that the Knights used to have an artifact that allowed for easier travel to the Fey realm but is was stolen. The group is not opposed to the notion of an alliance. They inform Wen-fan that he should draw up some paperwork outlining terms and such as a starting point for negotiations. Pleased with this outcome, the ambassador informs them that he will have something a few days after they return. They allow their visitor to retire for the night so they can finish preparations. The party takes a moment away from the ambassador to discuss the items of the day. It is decided that they need to speak with Baldcar Mar and get his thoughts on why he has been highly reluctant to forge any alliance. They know that any deal with the fey has to be carefully considered as one takes a large risk in doing so. As the discuss things, it is remembered that when they first arrived and spoke with the Knights, they were informed about a medallion that was stolen from them. The thought that this medallion could be the artifact seems to have a ring of truth to it. The night closes on the 14th day."

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