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Blog Update (get paid to write a post!)

When I started blogging I was shooting for a post a day, but life, as it so often does, got in the way. I'd still like to shoot for a post a day, and am looking to try an experiment. I will pay for blog submissions that I can post here. Guidelines are as follows:

  1. All posts to be credited to the original author, with links in a short bio to their stuff.

  2. Rate is .03 per word (US). I know it is a little on the low side, but unlike free-lancing this is not something I can monetize directly. That puts a 1,000 word post at 30.00. This is an experiment, and if it works I'll look at raising the rate.

  3. I'd like it to be something that hasn't been published elsewhere before. I won't take your material and publish it under my name, and while I'm fine with folks submitting excerpts of a larger work I'd prefer it if you didn't sell the same material again.

  4. Subject matter can include monsters, rules tweaks, suggestions on play, reviews (I'd prefer it if reviews were kept to items I've got listed in the webstore), and other "blog post" material.

  5. I'd prefer if any system-specific stuff is in the OSR-indie vein, but it doesn't necessarily have to be.

  6. Length should be standard blog post length. Perhaps 750-2000 words?

Right now I've got three days a week that I have committed to posting myself: Monday for the News Roundup, Tuesday for general updates, and Friday for Meet the Publisher. You can email me at thirdkingdomgames at gmail dot com for more information or with submissions.

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