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December 19, 2021

One of my projects has been to create the continent maps to provide context for the setting of Absalom. This has taken some time, as I started off this project using Inkwell Idea's Hexographer programs, which, due to the program, limited to the size of the maps I could create. So, I've got a bunch of 6-mile scale maps that, when I started using their new (well, relatively new) program Worldographer I had to stitch back together to create a single large continent map. I then was able to generate a 24-mile hex map from that, making it smaller and easier to read. Not ideal; in a perfect world I would have started from the 24-mile continent map and then generated my 6-mile hex maps from that, but for these purposes it should work.

The 24-mile map is below, divided into numbered sections:

  • Section 1 is the setting location for all of the current Populated Hexes.

  • Section 2 is the setting for the first four Populated Hexes Monthly.

  • Section 32 is the setting for the next three PHM (of which only the first, issue #5, has been released).

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