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December 21, 2021

(Art by Chad Dickhaut for A Guide to Thieves' Guilds)

Three new magical items for OSE:

  1. Armor of Second Chances. Fashioned from intricately forged chain links of meteoric iron, it provides a +1 defensive bonus to the wearer. Once per day, the wearer may activate the armor's special power, which forces an attacker to roll a second to-hit roll for any one attack. The second roll is used, regardless of the actual result.

  2. Salve of Drawing. A thick, pungent salve that, when smeared on a wound draws out any poison that was injected at that wound. Each application can be used to treat a single wound, and when found the jar will contain 1d6 applications. If the target has already died of the poison it has no effect.

  3. Zephyr. A long, almost rapier-like sword, this blade possesses a +1 enchantment. It is extremely light and well balanced. The wielder gains the ability to move like a gust of wind; once per day they may assume a gaseous form, as per the potion, except the blade transforms with them. All other possessions remain solid, however.

And three non-magical pieces of jewelry:

  1. A finely wrought gold ring, with the words "For Orris, tho . . .". The rest of the inscription has been rubbed off and can no longer be read. Worth 35 gp.

  2. A necklace of copper links, beaten into shape with little delicacy. It looks as though a stone was once set in one of the links, although both it and the fitting are long gone. Worth 5 gp.

  3. A chunky ring of silver, more square than circular. It holds a secret compartment, barely large enough to contain an ant, currently empty, although the interior is stained black with some long-dried liquid. Requires a thief to both detect the secret compartment (as a trap) as well as to open it (as open locks). Worth 100 gp as to a collector, or perhas an assassin.

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