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December 23, 2021

The main series of Populated Hexes is set in a portion of the world of Absalom that has been suggested, but never fully explained. Referring to the map in this post, the hexes that have thus far been published in the main Populated Hexes line are all set in Area 1, the Scarlet Principalities region of Absalom.

The below map shows the Scarlet Principlaties Regional Map. Each hex is 6 miles, face to face. There is a lot shown on the map:
  • Thick red lines show the locations of the existing clusters of Populated Hexes.

  • Blue lines indicate the borders of the supplemental material that will be written for the compilations. Thus far, the only cluster that has been given the treatment is the Basilisk Hills cluster.

  • Purple lines are ley lines.

  • The black line shows the border of the Scarlet Principalities.

  • The red lines within the borders of the Scarlet Principalities show the boundaries of the various Duchies that form that Principality.

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