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Friday Update (September 8th)

A few brief things to mention.

  1. I've added CVLT of the Hadron Lamb to the webstore. This is a zine-sized adventure by Christian Eichhorn written for CY-Borg.

  2. The BX Expanded Bestiary is going well, with us hitting the first stretch goal in a day's time. I've compiled a list of monsters for the artists to start on, and stuff is already starting to come in.

The Reshla, preliminary inks by Denis McCarthy. In the "Centaur" category, a savage and malevolent predator that stalks the wilds.

Chuul, by Adrian Barber. A classic monster from the 3e era, this creature falls into the "Crab" category.

Gelusti, by Carlos Castilho. A force for law in the Dreamlands, this creature falls into the "Camel" category.

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