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Meet the Publisher: Red Oak Creative

Red Oak Creative is a collective consisting of Mike (@MikeHDnD on Twitter), Stuart (@Thisisbardcore on Twitter) and Ross (@RossyScupts on Twitter). They are crowdfunding for Gunplaya: A Spirals RPG Zine, and you can find them on itch.

Question: Give us the elevator pitch of your project in two sentences or less.

Answer: GunPlaya utilises our exciting new SpiralsRPG system (which we provide for free at our site ( which is a full skills based RPG with a completely new and innovative turn order system and skills based levelling. The game itself involves the player taking the part of mecha armoured goldfish trying to save the freshwater on the tropical island of Playa Del Gun, using a crazy set of weapons (most of which are water based!) to defeat a selection of brand new creations such as the terrifying Cryptacean and the Krakenborn!

Q: Is this your first ZineQuest? If so, talk a bit about what you'd like to accomplish.

A: This is our first ZineQuest and we decided to give it a go this year because we have invested in some fabulous ZineQuest offerings in the past and the quality is always first rate. We believe that both SpiralsRPG and GunPlaya are great products and we wanted to share in the excitement!

Q: Tell us something about your project that really excites you.

A: GunPlaya is our take on the Gundam and Mecha themes and really gives us the opportunity to dig into a theme that allows Ross to draw such amazing creatures. Our last game (Halcyon Daze : Motorcycle Knights) was set in the 1970s with cool bike and amazing music, but we wanted to "release" the inner Gundam fan with Ross this time! The game is zany, crazy and a lot of fun to play, we really hope that folk love it like we do. SpiralsRPG makes up the core rules for GunPlaya and is a whole RPG system which will be using to make our next ZineQuest offering. It's free to use as an SRD so we hope that other creators will do the same and use it too!

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