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New Issues of Populated Hexes Monthly

I've added three new saddlestitched issues of Populated Hexes Monthly to the website, and bundled issues 5-8 together as a package deal.

Issue #5: The Cave of the Yeti. Moving to the frozen north, the Cave of the Yeti is a small dungeon containing yeti. The issue also includes rules for exploring in the icy wastes, new equipment to help explorers survive, a new monster (the winter wight), the valuable alchemical substance known as spectral frost, and several new cold-themed spells

Issue #6: The Gateway to the Frozen Wastes. Details the small coastal village of Ogrim, last outpost of civilization in the Frozen North, and home to a small research academy. Has rules for adding templates to character classes or races.

Issue #7: The Artifacts of the Giant-folk. Remaining in the north, this issue looks at a glacial valley strewn with the artifacts of the ancient giant-folk, and has rules on giant rune-magic.

Issue #8: The Haunted Hills. This next issue moves south and west, to the base of the Plateau of Leng, and introduces the binder class. Adapted from the 3.5 Tome of Magic, the binder is a class that makes pacts with dead gods, forgotten heroes, and fragments of divinity, drawing power from those who wish to experience the world once more.

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