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News Roundup 7.25.22

Here we are, entering the last week of July. I've been busy securing interviews with ZineQuest creators (not as busy as them, I'm sure), and I wanted to update readers as to next month's schedule. The News Roundup will still be posted every Monday, but the rest of the week will be dedicated to special, short, Meet the Publisher interviews with a different creator each day. I will be posting an overview of the upcoming week's interview in each Monday's Roundup. I have also added an RSS feed to the blog, so that folks can more easily follow it for news and releases.

*The artist Denis McCarthy (you can read an interview with him here) has released an adventure for Travis Legge's Odysseys and Overlords game. The Redoubt of Chandra is written for characters of levels 3-4.

*The prolific Kent David Kelly has published a Deck of Many Things Tarot Card Set.

*Rat King's Sewer, by Ken Spencer, is an urban themed adventure for characters levels 4-6.

*I haven't heard of this publisher before, but Hunter's Moon is a short adventure designed for characters of levels 3-5 and set *after* the party has completed a succesful mission and is trying to relax.

*Torches Zine #4 is now out, with a theme of waterfalls, fungi, and moisture.

*I've seen a number of people ask if there are any western-themed games that use the B/X chassis, and I see that Gallants and Gunfighters has just been released as PWYW.

*Melpomene Games has released a bundle of their first five adventures for Mork Borg, but be careful; they deal with some dark topics.

*The well-received Vaults of Vaarn is now out as a deluxe pdf edition.

*[In]Famous is an expansions to Emmy Allen's Esoteric Enterprises and includes rules for adding prestige classes to your game.

*Red Ruin Publishing has released Village of the Damned on itch, a solo adventure for the Dragon Warriors game.

*The incomparable Rose Bailey of Fantasy Heartbreaker has just released Wicked and Graceful, a swords and sorcery game set against the backdrop of the last days of Atlantis.

*Hexingtide is a minimalist rpg found on itch designed to emulate Hellboy, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and similar genres.

*Jon Davis of Sivad's Sanctum has released Crimewave on itch, a one-page hack of Tunnel Goons designed to emulate the noir genre.

*A Troika City Jam is getting ready to launch on itch at the end of July, with entries focusing on expanding the endless city of Troika.

*The Secret of the Black Crag is getting ready to launch on Kickstarter. It's an island-hopping adventure centered on a mysterious dungeon that has risen from the ocean depths.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #11, the Lake of the Dead, is now available as a staplebound 'zine. It features a lake filled by the cursed snowmelt from the Plateau of Leng, a dungeon inhabited by phase spiders, and rules for mortal injuries that PCs can suffer.

*I've also started to offer Populated Hexes Monthly as a subscription service within the US. For 81.00 a year you can get twelve staplebound copies of the 'zine delivered to your mailbox. Subscriptions will begin in August with Issue #12.

*From now until the end of August I'm having a 'zine sale on the website. All currently in stock 'zines are 15% off with the use of the coupon "ZineQuest22" at checkout.

*I've also added a number of used books to the website, including some of the original Dragonlance modules, a mint hardcover of the gorgeous Coyote and Crow book, a never before used box set of the Top Secret New World Order game put out by Merle Rasmussen and Jayson Elliot, and much more.

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