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News Roundup for 7.18.22

As we approach the beginning of August and ZineQuest 2022 I wanted to update everyone about next month's schedule. Starting August 2nd I'll be posting a series of daily short interviews, each with a publisher involved in a ZineQuest project. To avoid spamming social media channels with daily updates, I'll be plugging the interviews and projects as part of the Roundup. Be sure to check in daily to see the interviews, though! So far I've got six interviews in and scheduled. If you're running a ZQ project, and I haven't reached out to you yet, please shoot me a message and I'll get you some questions and scheduled in.

*I've been seeing a number of stock art bundles by Darrell's Stock Art on Drivethru. They seem reasonably priced and look to be worth checking out.

*Goodman Games hare just released their adventure pack for 2022, consisting of one adventure for DCC and one for MCC.

*Twisted Genomes: Wasteland Mutations is a new release by Dungeon Remixer. Written for Mutant Future, it provides over 400 new mutations for the Mutant Future game.

*Neon Borg, a solo cyberpunk adventure for Mork Borg, has been released as a PWYW on Drivethru.

*I am wholly unaware of the "WhiteFrank" system, but there's a new spell supplement for it that introduces a number of new spells.

*I saw Old Swords Reign, by Fumble Table, and thought it looked like a neat system. It uses 5e as a chassis but adapts it for old-school sensibilities, something I'm always interested to see.

*Inside a Druid's Satchel is a system agnostic, d6 table to generate magical items found in a druid's satchel.

*One of the hardest things I've tried to run in games is a heist, since it seems that everything gets bogged down in planning and the game just drags to a crawl. Tools of the Trade is an effort to fix that. It's a system neutral toolkit geared towards helping Referees generate and run heists.

*I've never played it, but Mythras is a pretty interesting system based on Chaosium's classic BRP system, and Perceforest is a new setting for the system that is geared towards chivalric-style play.

*I'm a huge fan of Yochai Gal and the Cairn system, and it's now available in Spanish!

*Kormar Publishing has released a free system-agnostic OSR adventure called the Mired Temple of the Idiot God, based on "Dark Souls 3, Evil Dead, and a lifetime of living near a dark and freezing ocean".

*There seem to be a number of system-agnostic releases this week. Forbidden Psalms -- Forbidden Wilderness is a collection of OSR monsters based on real-life cryptids.

*There's a new game jam starting over on itch in about a week, based upon the Vaults of Vaarn in anticipation of the upcoming hardback release. It's a non-ranked jam, so folks don't have to worry about competition.

*Weird North, a sword and sorcery hack of Into the Odd, is now available on Lulu in a print version.

*Wet Ink Games, the folks that published Into the Wyrd and Wild and As the Gods Demand, is crowdfunding their new project on Gamefound. Into the Cess and Citadel does for the urban environment what ItW&W does for the wilderness.

*Cameron Shanton has released a new one-page dungeon on itch. The Court of the Reawakened Congregation is a free sample of their work.

*A number of titles for Diogo Nogueira's Primal Quest have just landed at Exalted Funeral.

*The Land of Eem, a muppet-inspired rpg by the folks who brought us the Herbalist's Primer, is currently funding on Backerkit's new crowdfunding platform.

*I've added a number of new titles to the website.

**I've restocked my selection of products from Peter Regan and Squarehex, including the Black Hack Hardback, the Black Hack booklet, and Black Pudding 'zines issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

**Goblin Errands, the new 'zine from Sharkbomb Studios, is now available in print.

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