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News Roundup for July 11th, 2022

Here we go with the Roundup for the second week in July. Kickstarter's ZineQuest is fast approaching, and I'd love to get in touch with more creators looking to crowdfund projects next month. If this is you let me know, and if you're willing I'd love to send a couple of short questions over so I can plug your projects.

*taichara, who I interviewed here, has just released a new book called Wandering Jewel Moons, available via Amazon POD. It's available at cost and is billed as "a pocket-sized, rules light tabletop roleplaying game, inspired by The Black Hack, Microlite20 and Tunnel Goons among others."

*The ever-prolific tibbius has released Courage, a streamlined, low-magic lovesong to the inspirational literature that helped to form early D&D.

*Librum Draconis, written for DCC, introduces 12 new dragons that can be introduced into play. Since it is for DCC each dragon should be a pretty unique creature, yet relatively easy to port over to other OSR games.

*The charmingly named From Otter Space has released Melvonius Dewdrop's Academic Library, a free pdf listing a sampling of 200 books that might be found in a gnome's library.

*Calor is an adventure written for the Filbar setting by Frank Schmidt.

*I interviewed Luka Rejec last week, and he has just released a free zine template for use with Affinity publisher.

*Written for Mork Borg, the Raining Caves is a pretty interesting-looking adventure.

*I haven't heard of FIST, but the Mandelbrot Set is an adventure and hexcrawl written for it, set in an alternate version of present-day earth.

*Mork Borg is probably one of the most hacked games out there; Bork Cthorg is an expansion for the MB hack Cthork Borg. I think I got that straight.

*Parts per Million has released Video Comms Down, a one-page, tri-fold adventure for Solar Blades and Cosmic Spells.

*I thought this looked pretty interesting: Two Weeks One Summer, by A Telling Ellipsis, is a map-drawing game in the vein of The Quiet Year, where players take the role of a family exploring an old rambling house.

*I've plugged their work before, and I just saw that Sivad's Sanctum has released Flamberge, a horror-fantasy game based on the Mothership.

*Dumpster Fire, by Sander Ettema, is a bug-themed, whimsical micro-adventure written for Knave.

*Currently Kickstarting is a system-agnostic collection of royalty-free fantasy maps by the Laidback GM. It has hit its funding goal and has a little more than a week left.

*I missed this last week. The Leaky Lantern has released their first published adventure on Drivethru. Scales of the Seafarers is an adventure written for Old School Essentials and designed for characters of level 3+.

*Tale of the Manticore is a podcast hybrid between a dark fantasy audio drama and a solo D&D RPG. The dice make all the important decisions; part fiction, part game, it’s the story where “Chaos rolls.”

*I've added some new titles to the website.

  1. Gig Economy is now available in print form as well as pdf; a nifty little 'zine that provides pregenerated characters to use as NPCs.

  2. I've also got Fantastic Geographic Issue 1 in stock. Recently funded as part of ZiMo2022, it's a smorgasboard of old-school gaming goodness.

  3. A number of people have asked about getting the Populated Hexes Monthly 'zine as a subscription, and I've finally added that as an option. You can sign up now for the subscription service that will begin with Issue #13 in September, and will get an issue a month in your mailbox, as well as the free pdf, for a full year. It works out to be about 6.80 an issue, and includes shipping.

  4. PHM Issue #9 is now available in saddlestitched print form via the website. The Fool's Ascent looks at the only known passage to the Plateau of Leng, the dangers that lurk there, and includes rules on Dreaming and a brief overview of the geography of the Dreamlands.