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OSR News Roundup 3.28.22

Here's the Roundup for the last Monday in March. The OSE Kickstarter has ended with a bang, not a wimper, and there are some other interesting projects in the works that I've seen floated. Again, if you're aware of something I should include in next week's Roundup please send me an email at thirdkingdomgames at gmail dot com.

*Don't know how I missed this one last week, but the prolific and talented Dyson Logos is Kickstarting Dyson's Book of Swords, a 104-page book of 50 magical swords.

*A new publisher on the scene, Cameron Shanton, has just released Tower of the Twilight Break, a one-page dungeon written for Old School Essentials.

*The Basilisk Hills Ultimate Hexcrawl is Monday's Deal of the Day on Drivethrurpg, marked down 50%. It's over 300-pages of hexcrawling material, and should become the DoD around 10:00 am eastern US time.

*Shotglass Rounds Vol 1, by the Laidback GM, is a collection of ten one-shot adventures that can be used with OSR or 5e games.

*Denis McCarthy, the subject of last week's Meet the Publisher interview, has just released another pack of stock art on Drivethrurpg.

*Point of Insanity Game Systems has released Scenario Maps 2, a collection of two maps, each containing a unique monster, that can be easily added into any OSR-style game.

*Black Guard Press has released a bundle entitled Trophy Gold with two adventures in it.

*I'm not familiar with the SagaBorn system, but Strongholds is a new release written for it designed to help create home bases for the PCs, which I'm always a big fan of seeing.

*This Thursday's Meet the Publisher is with Yochai Gal, the author of Cairn, which I'm bringing up because Runecairn: Wardensaga is a new system release that adapts the Cairn rules to an apocalyptic Norse setting.

*I've managed to keep this Roundup going long enough so that I'm seeing the release of products that I had mentioned as crowdfunding. Tribal Games: Tournament of Champions, is one such example. It's written for Mutant Crawl Classics.

*Another one is the evocatively named Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep, by the immensely talented Glynn Seal.

*I'm not familiar with the Weird Frontiers system, but a new adventure for it has been released. The Malevolent Seven is designed for a group of 4-6 3rd level characters.

*I plugged this a couple of weeks ago as upcoming, but the Aquatic Adventures book is now Kickstarting. It's written by the folks that brought the Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia to life, as well as a host of other well-known OSR folk.

*Too Many Goat is available on itch. It's a mini-themed goat tower, which I find charming.

*Something in the universe is really pushing Cairn this week, as there's another sci-fi Cairn hack. Monolith is written by Adam Hensley and is still in draft form.

*Another Cairn-related project is the Cairn jam on itch, which is forest-themed and about halfway through it's run.

*Finally, the Ruins of the Dying World Jam is running on itch until the end of May and looks to be a really cool chance to throw something together in the veins of Dying Earth or Book of the New Sun

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