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OSR News Roundup 10.17.22

October is more than half over and we've got a bunch of new stuff to go over, including a lot of new Kickstarters. Last week's Meet the Publisher Interview was with Eric Bloat, discussing his new Dark Places and Demogorgons for OSE Kickstarter, and this upcoming interview will be with Jason Vey of Elf Lair Games.

When Kickstarter announced in the beginning of January of this year that they were moving ZineQuest to August a number of folks in the community got together to organize their own zine event. It was very successful, and the same group of people are in the planning stages to figure out what they want to do next year. If you're a creator who wants to get involved and are interested in finding out more you can check out their webpage. Right now most of the discussion is happening on Discord, and you'll find the links you need on the website.

*The talented Glynn Seal has launched Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles, a martial sourcebook for OSR-style games that also expands his Midderlands setting.

*The Fettered Factory is a cool looking adventure and hexcrawl written for Worlds Without Number that is raising funds for arts and maps. The text is already freely available on Drivethru, if you want to check it out.

*It's not OSR, but Levi Combs of Planet X games has just launched Three Curses for Sister Saren, a weird horror adventure for 5e.

*The Zine of Wondrous Power has been relaunched. It didn't fund during ZineQuest, but has been revamped and relaunched. You can read the interview I conducted with the author about their project here.

*Douglas Cole of Gaming Ballistic is crowdfunding on Backerkit for his new project Nightmare Fuel, a collection of three bestiaries for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.

*Red Ruin Publishing has put out yet another free adventure for Dragon Warriors. The Icevalen Mines is part three in the series of adventures, and written for characters of Ranks 2-4. Look out for an interview with the authors coming out next month.

*Low Signal is a new supplement out that brings cyberpunk rules to Emmy Allen's Esoteric Enterprises system.

*Barrel Rider Games has an amazing bundle up on Drivethru of all their digital titles at an astounding 90% off.

*Sangam: The Acadamy of Poets is a one-shot system-neutral adventure about a famed academy of poets gone strangely silent.

*Cultbusters is a supplement for the Cursed system, which itself is based on Knave. It's billed as a pulpy take on horror: The Shadow vs. Cthulhu.

*Luigi Castellani has released GNO.$Y$, a supplement for CY_Borg about the hacking of reality.

*I thought this looked pretty interesting. Inspired by Horatio Hornblower and similar, Shot & Splinters is an OSR game of Napoleonic naval adventures.

*I found this intriguing, as well: Dungeonrunner O2: The Elsewhere, is a set of 52 cards that allow you to randomly generate and play through a solo adventure.

*It's that time of the year again. I released my own version of the necromancer class a few weeks back, and Steamtunnel Press has just released The Necromancer: A Class for Old School Essentials.

*Rose Bailey's Shadow of Golgatha, set in the distant future where vampires rule the world, is now on itch.

*Tomb of a Thousand Doors, a megadungeon for Mausritter, is live on itch. It is, astonishingly, priced as a pay-what-you want product.

*Brighter Worlds is a WIP game up on itch in pay-what-you want. It's billed as a whimsical fantasy tabletop RPG with modular crunch, and it has art by Evlyn Moreau, which is always a selling point in my book.

*I've added the following titles to the website since last week's Roundup:

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