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OSR News Roundup: 2.14.22

Let's see what came out last week, shall we? With Zine Month in full swing, the release schedule seems to have slowed down a bit, but I'm sure there's stuff I will be missing. If I did, please let me know and I will add it to next week's update. If you're interested in signing up for the mailing list so you get this update as an email, the link is here.

*taichara, the subject of a previous Meet the Publisher, has just released a system neutral psionic supplement to itch. Seven-petals is a Pay-What-You-Want collection of 84 minimalist talents.

*Luck of Legends is currently itchfunding two projects on itch. Xd6 SRD is a minimalist system that can be used to create epic, larger-than-life games featuring kaiju, giant mecha, etc., while Zero Samurai is a game that imagines what if the villagers from the classic movie The Seven Samurai were unable to recruit anyone to help them.

*The Egg Hunt, Delve Your Own Dungeon is a solo rpg gamebook set in the Shimmer, an underground cavern system.

*Mork Drugs is a short supplement for Mork Borg with rules for adding drugs and their effects (both good and bad) to games.

*Shards of Tomorrow: Second Edition, "is a roleplaying game of rollicking space adventure", and there's a print version coming in March. As of this writing it is on sale for a deep discount on Drivethru.

*Adventures in Filbar as just released MHI-10 Jobus Tombs, an adventure for 9th level characters. The Drivethru page as a link to a podcast playthrough of this adventure.

*Planar Compass has posted a PWYW preview of the Time Priest class that will be included in their upcoming 3rd 'zine issue. The class is designed by Erin Smale, who always produces top notch stuff. The Kickstarter for Issue #3 ends on Tuesday the 15th. Dan and Sarah, the duo behind Planar Compass, will be the subject of this Thursday's Meet the Publisher.

*I've been looking forward to When Winter Came to Skedemosse, an OSE-compatible, low fantasy adventure set in the Scandinavian Iron Age.

*Karst is a game of discovery, storytelling, and the softer side of horror. It sounds pretty fascinating.

*Finally, I reviewed a scenario for a system called Under Hill, By Water a few weeks ago, and saw that there's a new book out entitled Walking Holidays (with art by Evlyn Moreau!) that provides traveling rules that can be used for that system or ported to others.

*Axian Library, a compilation of four 'zines written for OSE and compiled into a single hardcover book, is ending funding this week.

*Populated Hexes Monthly, Issue #7, is now available throught the Third Kingdom Games webpage. It features a glacial valley containing treasures leftover from the giant-folk, plus rules for giant-folk rune magic.

*I've added a *bunch* of used titles to the TK Games website, including some hard-to-find AD&D titles, an almost complete set of Dark Places and Demogorgons, and much more. Also, don't forget that this February I've got all 'zines at 25% off. Just use the code ZiMo22 at checkout.

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