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OSR News Roundup 2.28.22

For the last day in February we have a bunch of updates. First off, however, I wanted to mention that Marc Braden, a Ukrainian behind This is the Weird, has left Ukraine and will be donating the proceeds of any sales of his work to his collaborators who have been unable to get out. You can find a link to the relevant games here. Their stuff is great, based on Ukrainian folklore, and well worth the price.

*The big elephant in the room is the Necrotic Gnome OSE Kickstarter. Will they break one million? You can help them get there, by backing their box set.

*A smaller, but just as cool, Kickstarter project is Gig Economy, by Colin Sproule, an OSR-zine of ready-made retainers and NPCs.

*Launching tomorrow (Tuesday), is Pulp Hummock's Gods of the Forbidden North, a megadungeon project for OSR-style games.

*Izegrim Creations has just released the 8th issue of their 'zine, the Gnoll Sage, available in pdf and print through Drivethru.

*Lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals is a new DCC adventure written by Anne Hunter that can be used as a stand-alone scenario or a bridge between two other of their products.

*Also available on Drivethru is 3Die6, Creature Cards. I had posted about the 3Die6 system in a previous Roundup, and this is a deck of cards used to expand that game.

*Carlos Castilho (Disclaimer: I use Carlos for illustrations in my projects) has a bunch of new stock illustrations up on Drivethru. He's great to work with and his stock art (I picked just one selection) is really great.

*Horror at the Old White House is a short, one page investigation for use with Dark Streets and Darker Secrets. It looks pretty neat, and the author has also given permission for folks who cannot afford the price to print out and use the preview copy.

*Raging Swan Press has created a bundle of their OSR Dungeon Dressing titles, which you can but at about 75% off the regular retail prices.

*B/X Frontiers, by M.A. Parker, is a rules-liter version of B/X that can be used to run modern or future games.

*There's a VTT Map packet available for Brewkessel #1 (which I reviewed a few weeks ago), an option that I see more and more publishers present as folks transition to playing online more and more.

*The itch-funded project Roguelike Dungeon is super close to their goal and can use a little help to push them over the edge before the project ends today. It can either be used as a GM tool to generate dungeons or as a generator for solo play.

*James Holloway is crowdfunding the Magonium Mine Murders on itch. Besides being a fine example of alliteration, the cover evokes a cool fantasy Nancy Drew-esque atmosphere.

*Also on itch is the Dessicated Temple of Locha, an adventure by Andrew Duvall. Written for OSE and other OSR-systems, it is designed as a one-shot adventure for low-level characters that requires a minimum of GM prep.

*Loot the Room is crowdfunding a project for ZiMo22, but they're doing it via their own website instead of itch or Kickstarter. In the Bluelight is a cold-themed adventure for Mork Borg.

*The pdf of Into the Wild, a high-level guide to domain play and hexcrawling and OSR-games, is 50% during the month of March, and today is the last day to get the pdf of Filling in the Blanks at 50% off. It's also the last day to get 25% off of the 'zines that I stock, as ZiMo22 winds to a close.

*Third Kingdom Games is now offering international shipping for folks outside the US.

*Third Kingdom Games is also pleased to add three titles by Appendix N Entertainment to their storefront: The Child Thieves, Octhorrorfest, and The Hidden Hand of the Horla.

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