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OSR News Roundup 2.7.22

We're a week into Zine Month and I'm not going to be listing all of the 'zines being funded right now, but would encourage you to check out the official ZiMo page here for a list of the over 100 (!) projects and all of their links. Instead of focusing this week on upcoming releases and Kickstarters, I'm really trying to spotlight products that have already been released. If you've got a project fundraising right now, I'm not ignoring you, I promise. Send me a PM to let me know when your project is ending, and I'll include it in a future Roundup right before it ends.

*Appendix N Entertainment has uploaded submission guidelines for their publishing company. If you're interested in doing some freelance work using Old School Essentials for a pretty cool and progressive company hit them up.

*Ben Laurence of Through Ultan's Door is getting ready to launch their Kickstarter for Downtime in Zyan, a 'zine exploring what your characters do during their downtime.

*Frontier Explorer Issue #35 is now available for free through Drivethru. Unlike some other projects I will not mention, it is a real thing that actually exists written for TSR's Star Frontier system.

Plague of Undead, by Red Ruin Publishing, is available on both itch and Drivethru. It's a free 112-page (!) solo adventure written for the Dragon Warriors game.

The prolific folks over at Skirmisher Publishing have released a Wizarding Ways bundle, consisting of a bunch of their magical related releases.

Speaking of prolific, Kent David Kelly has a new Castle Oldskull supplement out. Combat Tables provides tables to spice up and enliven, well, combat.

Someone to keep an eye on is Amanda P. I had just posted a few weeks ago that she was working on releasing a new title, and I see that it is already available on Drivethru. Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard is a solo adventure designed to test how long your character can remain faithful to their oaths.

DM Yourselves is written for both 5e and OSR systems, and provides rules and guidance for running solo adventures, which seem to becoming more and more popular these days.

Elf Lair Games has added an introductory book for their Night Shift: VSW game, which includes a starter adventure and everything you need to run the system for the first three levels of play.

Master of the Onyx Tower, a delve for Marching Order, is now live on Kickstarter.

Not sure how I almost forgot this, but Knock Issue #3 is also live on Kickstarter. The Merry Mushmen seem to be "knock"-ing it out of the park again with this, their third compilation of gorgeously printed articles.

Brooklet Games has just released Forbidden Swamp on itch, a short little adventure loosely written for 5e but easily adaptable to OSR-systems.

In honor of ZineMonth I'm having a 25% off sale on all 'zines I've currently got in stock. Just use code "ZiMo22" at checkout to have the discount applied on all applicable orders through the end of the month.

I've also added more used titles to the website, including some issues of the old Battletechnology magazine.

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