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OSR News Roundup 4.4.22

We're starting off the month of April strong with new and upcoming releases. As always, if you'd like to sign up to get this email in your inbox every Monday the Mailchimp sign-up link can be found here.

*The Lake of Abominations Compiled Hexcrawl goes live today. It's a follow-up to the Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl, and will be roughly 280-pages of hexcrawling. I've also bowed to public pressure and have finally added a tier for an offset print run book, rather than just a POD version.

*First, it's not new but it is new to me. I just learned that artist Teresa Guido has stock art on Drivethru. If you're looking for a wide variety of both B&W and color character art you should check it out here.

*Adventurer's Utility Belt is a free download on Drivethru that lets you create the fantasy equivalent of Batman's utility belt.

*If you need help figuring out what that smell is, What's that Smell is PWYW on Drivethru. It's written for Mork Borg but can be applied to pretty much any system.

*Neon Goons of the Toxic Wastelands gets a lot of good press, deservedly so, and they've just released a PWYW rulez-lite version so you can check the basic game out for cheap (or free!).

*The Devil is in the Details is a 184-page adventure containing three adventures that span a level range of 1-10. It's written for OSRIC and C&C.

*Abilities Considered Unnatural is an adventure written for the hot new Mothership rpg, inspired by Star Wars, Aliens, historical labor disputes, and the Caverns of Thracia.

*I haven't heard of the Dungeoneering system, but they've just released a system called Wanderers that introduces new roles, regions, treasure, and some optional rules.

*Skeeter Green has two new 'zines out, each in two different formats (one DCC, the other Swords and Wizardry (I'm linking to the S&W versions). The Valley out of Time: Welcome to the Valley is an introduction to the Valley out of Time series, and The Valley out of Time: Exploring the Valley is the first issue.

*Retribution 2022 Edition is an OSR-adventure written for 1st-level PCs. It looks like it is written for generic OSR systems.

*The Wight's Lament is a PWYW, system agnostic dungeon that's been released on Drivethru. It definitely looks worth checking out, and there's a lot of preview information up on the title listing.

*Someone else new to me is Sarah E. Hoffman, but she's got a bundle of system neutral playing aids called