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OSR News Roundup 5.16.22

It's the middle of May already, and there's plenty of new stuff to announce. One of the big ones is the RPGs for Reproductive Justice bundle up on Drivethru. There's a bunch of OSR-related titles included, and you can get almost six hundred dollars worth of games for 25 bucks. Thanks to the folks at Hydra Cooperative for putting this bundle together. As a reminder, if you'd like to get the Roundup in your inbox you can sign up here. Note that it's a Mailchimp email, and often is sent into spam folders, so if you don't see it right away check your spam and free the email from its prison.

*I haven't seen anything by Brian Binh, yet, but they've just released the Scamp, a new class for Old School Essentials on Drivethru. It's designed to be a "roguish acrobatic survival class".

*30 Days of Morkborg Chapbook 3 is a new release for Mork Borg, which looks to add a bunch of religions, cults, and a bunch of stuff for that sort of thing to Mork Borg.

*Ringmail is a set of mass combat rules designed for OSR games. It's also available in an Italian edition!

*The cleverly named 21st Centaury Games has released The Sanctuary for Bicelaphic Outcasts, an adventure written for OSE and designed for low-level characters.

*Gyllagoon's Island looks like a fun adventure written for a party of levels 5-7.

*Camp Bloodbath is written for use with DCC or MCC and is inspired by 1980s slasher films.

*Christian Eichhorn has released Dungeoneer's Black Book, a collection of 16 dungeons for use with Mork Borg.

*Diogo Nogueira has released Cave of our People, an introductory adventure for his new Primal Quest release. There's also a Primal Quest jam that started Saturday and runs until the end of June. Stay tuned to this blog for the upcoming Meet the Publisher interview, which features Mr. Nogueira.

*I'm a big fan of Wayne Roberts (Dungeon Plumbers is great), and was excited to see he has released two PWYW classes for OSE: the warlock and sorcerer.

*Squidhead Games has released Covert Goons as PWYW on Drivethru. It's a a modern day spy game that uses a hack of the popular Tunnel Goons ruleset.

*I'm unfamiliar with the Codex zine, but I see there are three issues now up on Drivethru: 44, 45, and 46.

*Solo gaming is becoming more and more popular, and Old School Solo is a new release on Drivethru designed for just that.

*Castle Oldskull: Oldskull Steading Companion is another release by the prolific Kent David Kelly, and is the author's take on hill giants, with a bunch of supplemental information to make this monster more interesting.

*I haven't really been aware of much stuff happening on Indiegogo, but a reader messaged me to let me know about the NTRPG Con Special 2022 currently fundraising. The NTRPG Convention is one of the best known OSR conventions, and the author is crowdfuning an OSR-mult-genre system that they will be bringing with them to run at the con this year.

*Super High Wizards Built this Castle is on itch and just got updated with a second page, making it a two-page rules light game where you play the contractors hired to repair a wizard's tower.

*Technoskald has released Micro Mythos for free on itch, a rule-light game designed to run mythos horror scenarios.

*Creature Collection 1, a bestiary for Old School Essentials written by Ryan Thompson of Appendix N and illustrated by Evlyn Moreau, has a week left in its run, and has been blowing through the stretch goals.

*Children of Uma sounds like a fun little game that is currently being funded on Kickstarter. A self-described love song to 80s post-apocalyptic movies, it looks to be part Mad Max and part Car Wars, using a rules-light, cinematic system.

*The prelaunch page for Skyrealms is up on Kickstarter. It's a system-neutral fantasy setting *and* coloring book, with art by the wonderful Evlyn Moreau. Looks like it is set to launch the beginning of June.

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