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OSR News Roundup 5.9.22

Part of the big news for May is that Drivethrurpg is having a D&D sale for the remainder of the month. Most D&D and associated topics (including stuff written for clones such as OSE) are on sale.

*The prolific Kent David Kelly has released a Castle Oldskull bundle, combining um, well, a lot of their titles. With a regular price of 140.00 it is now available for 41.00, so quite a bargain.

*Stellagama Publishing has released Quantum Starfarer on Drivethru, a quickstart version of their popular Cepheus Engine sci-fi game.

*Interstellar Smugglers is a 1-page sci-fi game that has been released on Drivethru.

*Atelier Clandestin has been steadily putting out new releases, and this week they've released a Dragon Generator, which should be good for people looking to customize dragons a bit.

*Mothership is one of the new hot games in the OSR/indie sphere, and there's a PWYW hexcrawl up on Drivethru by Stella Condrey called Rimbound Transmissions 5.

*Crawling Death Below the Forest of the Dead is a changeable dungeon crawl written for Mork Borg.

*Necrotic Gnome, the publisher of Old School Essentials, has just released Carcass Crawler #2 in pdf on Drivethru.

*Earl of Fife Games has just released a bundle of 3rd party products for the fantastic Stars Without Numbers game.

*Broadsword Bard has released Manual of Hexterity, a practical guide to hexcrawling.

*Grok? is a game that was funded during this year's ZiMo and features fantastic art. I'm really glad to see this released.

*Transwizards Grudge Quest! Assault on Horgpork! is a hack of Into the Odd that pitches former students of the Horgpork Magical School against the current transphobic headmaster.

*Luke Gearing has been stealthily working on Wolves Upon the Coast over on itch (damn you, itch search engine!), an epic sandbox hexcrawl.

*We Deal in Lead, published by By Odin's Beard, is currently crowdfunding on itch. It's a take on Stephen King's Dark Tower series as seen through the lens of Cairn and other similar NSR games.

*Bridge Trolls, on itch, is one-page game where you play the trolls that live under the bridge.

*Phillip Reed is running another Quickstarter. Gregor's d66 Extraplanar Strangers introduces a number of planar visitors who may be met via one of the gates he created in his last book.

*I saw this Kickstarter drop and backed it immediately. Peter Regan just launched GOZR, set in a distant and apocalyptic future, where the characters are all "weirdos called Gooz". Written and illustrated by the amazing James West, I've been seeing previews of it pop up on social media over the past year or so, and it looks fantastic.

*Another worthy looking Kickstarter project is The Gongfarmer Militia: A DCC Hireling and Henchman Zine. For folks interested in DCC, this should have plenty of stuff to use in play.

*I've seen mention of this pop up in OSR-adjacent spaces, so figured I'd give a plug to Brindlewood Bay, which is currently live on Kickstarter. It's a cozy murder-mystery game meets Cthulhu, and the art that's been posted thus far is phenomenal.

*There's been enough interest in an offset print run of the Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl that I've set up a prelaunch Kickstarter page for it. I've already ordered the print proof from Mixam, and should have it by the third week in May.

*I've added a number of 'zine titles to the website, including new titles by Appendix N Entertainment (The Leprechaun and Solar Sanctuary of the Cannibal Corpse) and James Floyd Kelly (Delver 1-4, plus a number of his other 'zines. I've also bundled the two authors' works together into an Appendix N and Tabletop Engineer bundle for added savings.

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