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OSR News Roundup 5.9.22

Part of the big news for May is that Drivethrurpg is having a D&D sale for the remainder of the month. Most D&D and associated topics (including stuff written for clones such as OSE) are on sale.

*The prolific Kent David Kelly has released a Castle Oldskull bundle, combining um, well, a lot of their titles. With a regular price of 140.00 it is now available for 41.00, so quite a bargain.

*Stellagama Publishing has released Quantum Starfarer on Drivethru, a quickstart version of their popular Cepheus Engine sci-fi game.

*Interstellar Smugglers is a 1-page sci-fi game that has been released on Drivethru.

*Atelier Clandestin has been steadily putting out new releases, and this week they've released a Dragon Generator, which should be good for people looking to customize dragons a bit.

*Mothership is one of the new hot games in the OSR/indie sphere, and there's a PWYW hexcrawl up on Drivethru by Stella Condrey called Rimbound Transmissions 5.

*Crawling Death Below the Forest of the Dead is a changeable dungeon crawl written for Mork Borg.

*Necrotic Gnome, the publisher of Old School Essentials, has just released Carcass Crawler #2 in pdf on Drivethru.

*Earl of Fife Games has just released a bundle of 3rd party products for the fantastic Stars Without Numbers game.

*Broadsword Bard has released Manual of Hexterity, a practical guide to hexcrawling.

*Grok? is a game that was funded during this year's ZiMo and features fantastic art. I'm really glad to see this released.

*Transwizards Grudge Quest! Assault on Horgpork! is a hack of Into the Odd that pitches former students of the Horgpork Magical School against the current transphobic headmaster.

*Luke Gearing has been stealthily working on Wolves Upon the Coast over on itch (damn you, itch search engine!), an epic sandbox hexcrawl.

*We Deal in Lead, published by By Odin's Beard, is currently crowdfunding on itch. It's a take on Stephen King's Dark Tower series as seen through the lens of Cairn and other similar NSR games.</