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OSR News Roundup for 2.21.22

A new week, and a new Roundup. There's a lot more stuff up on Drivethru this week than in the past few weeks, which may be due to a wind-down of ZiMo22. A reminder that the email link is here to sign up for the Roundup in your inbox.

*First off is an adventure for a system that I'm a big fan of, but haven't seen that much written for. I am speaking, of course, of Mr. Crawford's excellent Worlds Without Number. The adventure is entitled The Sunken Village, and is written for 3rd-5th level characters.

*Box-o-Roar looks to be an interesting project. It's billed as a six-room, system-neutral foldable dungeon. It reminds me a bit of the old Dragon article on building a tesserect dungeon.

*Bugbear Games has published a micro-dungeon, compatible with both 5e and OSR, called Keep of the Revenant Lord.

*The Helm of Radiance is another adventure for Worlds Without Number, this one published by Earl of Fife Games. It's another micro-adventure (I must admit, the older I get, the more I like the micro-adventure setup versus bigger dungeons. Megadungeons are great and all, but I can't seem to find the time to run one and do it justice).

*There's a new sci-fi 'zine on the field, Blaster Bolts #1, this one by Fainting Goat Games. It's written for White Star, and features a new playable alien race by the prolific James Spahn.

*The Altar of Last Hope is an adventure written for Labyrinth Lord, designed for characters of levels 1-3.

*I'm a sucker for anything hexmap related, and Thomas Novosel has uploaded a pack of 370 hand-drawn hexes up on itch.

*Afterthought Committee is funding their own 'zine, a two-in-one product that combines Forsaken with Pyramid Scheme.

*Squid Ink Games is crowdfunding Those Wretched Kids, a solo game where you play the role of an "entrepreneur" whose plot is threatened by a bunch of meddling kids.

*An interesting project funding on Kickstarter is DNGN, a risograph-printed serial 'zine.

*Another interesting book is Gregor's Guide to Gates, a system-neutral supplement describing 25 planar gates.

*Another cool looking product that is funding on itch for Zine Month is The (Un)Naturalist Forest, a solo rpg about exploring a strange, tropical forest.

*The awesome looking Downtime in Zyan, by Ben Laurence with art by Evlyn Moreau, is wrapping up in the next few days.

*Third Kingdom Games has set up their Kickstarter preview page for The Lake of Abominations, an upcoming hexcrawl compilation following on the heels of The Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl.

*In addition to a bunch of used products, including a number of TSR-era D&D books, I've added a new 'zine bundle to the webstore. In*die 'zine is a bundle of five 'zines featuring new and upcoming authors, with a focus on publishing diverse views. All other zines are currently on 25% until the end of February.

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