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OSR News Roundup for 3.14.22

Since ZiMo ended I haven't been as aware of new products released on itch, so if you've got something you're releasing over there please let me know and I'll get them added to next week's roundup.

*There's a new bundle of supplements written for Old School Essentials in town, and you should definitely check it out. Note that this bundle will not be live until Monday mid-morning, so it is possible the link won't work until a bit later in the day, depending on time zones and such.

*Yuri Perkowksi Domingos has uploaded some new packets of line stock art with a definite old school feel. I've linked to Adventurers Pack Four, here.

*The Troll Lords have a new adventure out for Castles and Crusades, the third in a series. The Gathering Storm is designed for mid-level characters and has both dungeon and wilderness components.

*RD1: Where the Slime Live is a 1-page adventure written for 3rd level characters using the Red Dragon system.

*Metal Express is a supplement for the Sprawl Goons game, and provides content for Car Wars-style play.

*I haven't heard of Midnight Owl Games, but they've uploaded a free pdf of herbalism tools to Drivethru, something that should be of interest to many gamers.

*Some publishers are just prolific, because it seems like every week there's a new issue of Blaster Bolts on Drivethru. This one is issue #3. It's written for the White Star Science Fiction Game, and includes articles and fiction.

*This isn't a super new release, but I wanted to put out a plug for the adventure Home is the Hangman. Written by Humza Kazmi of the Hydra Cooperative, it is a supplement for the Haunted West system by Darker Hue Studios. If you're familiar with Hydra Cooperative you will know they put out top quality products, and, although I haven't had a chance to check it out, Haunted West looks like a pretty amazing system.

*Issue 11 of Back to BasiX, the acclaimed 'zine, is now available on Drivethru, with a POD version coming later this year.

*The Sunken Ship is an adventure written for the Worlds Without Number system for characters of levels 6-8 and revolves around a sunken ship. It comes with digital maps formatted for virtual play, which is always a bonus.

*The RPG LATAM Game Jam for 2022 is up and running on itch. It's open to everyone, of any nationality, but all entries should be based on a system or work by a Latin American publisher.

*Gig Economy, a 'zine containing 200 followers and NPCs for use in OSR-games, is taking pre-orders for a limited time following their successful Kickstarter.

*Brooklet Games is Kickstarting the Lost Realms Coloring Book, featuring the illustrations of a bunch of well-known artists within the OSRsphere. The Kickstarted is structured so that all of the artists get a share of the profits.

*Overworld, a Monster Manual 'zine inspired by Legend of Zelda, is wrapping up their Kickstarter in the next day or so. They've got versions statted for three different systems.

*I don't know how I missed this, but it looks like Matthew Finch is getting ready to launch a revised and expanded edition of the Tome of Adventure Design, one of my go-to books when I'm DMing. The pre-launch page can be found here.

*Third Kingdom Games is expecting a big shipment of used books in the next few days, and to clear room is having a 25% off sale on all used books in stock. Use the code CLEARANCE01 at checkout to have the discount applied.

*I've also bundled the first four issues of Populated Hexes Monthly. These are all staplebound, offset printed issues, and purchase comes with a pdf of each isse.

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