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OSR News Roundup for 3.21.22

Well, let's jump right in to it, shall we, but first I'd like to mention that there are four charity bundles on Drivethru with proceeds going to Doctors without Borders, supporting their work in Ukraine. You can find the bundles here.

*Salthaven Sewers, a supplement for the Cairn adventure Salthaven, is now up on itch. It's set in the sewers, and apparently has eelfolk, which sounds fucking awesome.

*New to me is the publisher Five Cataclysms and their release The Gallery of Wonderous Sundries, an expansion to the Descent into Madness mega-dungeon.

*The prolific James Floyd Kelly, publisher of the Delver 'zine, has released Tavern Tales 1: Lair of the Battle Mage, a system neutral fantasy adventure supplement. Speaking of which, Delver #4 is also available!

*Tibbius has released Listening to a Vanished God on both Drivethru and itch. You can catch the Meet the Publisher interview with them I did a few weeks back to learn more about the game.

*In the Bluelight is an adventure written for Mork Borg and set in a frozen landscape.

*Sivad's Sanctum has just released Helm, a dark fantasy game set in the equivalent of the Middle Ages.

*The wonderful Book of Gaub is now available on Drivethru in pdf form (you can, of course, get the print/pdf bundle here).

*The Blood Mage and Blood Witch for OSR Games presents two alternate magic-user classes for OSR-style games, as well as new spells to be used by those classes.

*There's a new 3pp OSE Bundle up on Drivethru, with a total of twelve titles all bundled together for a good-sized discount.

*Plerion is a Cairn-hack that's in a PWYW developmenta stage and available through itch. It is billed as a space opera adventure.

*Aphelion Transit is another sci-fi themed game available on itch.

*Sasha "TK" De'ath is getting ready to Kickstart