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OSR News Roundup for 3.7.22

Welcome to the first News Roundup this March. Things seemed to have quieted down a bit since the flurry of February ZiMo announcements, and most of the below releases listed below are on Drivethru and have already been released (which is nice! While the thrill of seeing crowdfunding projects reach their goal is always great, I also really like being able to link to products that can be used right away).

*The Merciless Merchants have released The Cauldron, a tropical island adventure for characters of levels 3-7, written for Old School Essentials, and Ascent of the Leviathan, a nautical adventure for characters of levels 2-4, also written for OSE.

*Azukail Studios has released 100 Encounters for Post-Apocalyptic Mountains, a collection of random table for the Mutant Futures game.

*One I've been waiting for is As the Gods Demand, by Charles Ferguson-Avery. It's a system-neutral approach to gods, divinity, divine power, and death, and looks to greatly expand and explain divine magic and power. It's also available as a print/pdf bundle from the thirdkingdomgame's webstore.

*I haven't mentioned these before, but every Friday Paratime Adventures releases an OSR-style map. They're for personal use only, but you can contact the creator to discuss commercial licensing.

*The We Want Elden Ring Dark Fantasy Bundle is on Drivethru, a collection of adventures and supplements that looks mostly written for Mork Borg.

*The Vivimancer, by Seffen Games, is a life-manipulating magical class written for old school games.

*Bloat Games has published the Class Compendium for their fantastic Dark Places and Demogorgons system, compiling the 56 existing classes and adding 10 new ones.

*Warlock, an OSR-system designed to emulate British role-playing of the 80's, has a new version of the Core rules out. Warlock: Traitor Edition is now available on Drivethru in pdf or hardcover black and white.

*Fantastic Geographic Issue #1 is currently Kickstarting. It's a new 'zine that provides a bunch of content for both 5e and OSR-style games, from fantastic locations to new monsters.

*There's an amazing bundle being sold through itch right now to support trans support in Texas. You can get 493 games, supplements, and adventures, many of them OSR-related, for 5.00 (normally priced at 2,800)!

*Yochai Gal, the creator of Cairn, is hosting a game jam on itch for Cairn, the theme of which is forests. It runs until the end of March.

*Purple Sorcerer Games is Kickstarting Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale, an adventure written for DCC, 5e, and OSE. It's a jungle-crawl and comes in several different versions.

*I've released Issue #8 of Populated Hexes Monthly, which shifts to a hilly region to the west of the Plateau of Leng, and the long-dead god that still haunts the region. Includes a binder class for OSE and nine vestiges for your players to strike pacts with.

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