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OSR News Roundup for 4.11.22

Lots of new releases happening this Monday, the second one in April. As always, if you've got something you think I should highlight drop me a line and I'll be sure to include it in next week's Roundup.

*The Lake of Abominations Kickstarter is starting its second week of funding, and heading towards the third stretch goal. It will be a 280-ish page hexcrawl book that is available either as a POD or an offset printed book with sewn binding.

*Cameron Shanton has released two pdf adventures. The Lair of Lazhir is available for sale here and on Drivethru, and the Laboratory of Ord can also be found here or on Drivethru.

*Daylight Publications has released their first 'zine on Drivethru. RoboNoir: Crime in Cog City is rules-light game of crime-solving robots. What's not to love? I

*There's a new free 'zine on the scene. It's written for the Sagaborn system, which I'm not familiar with, but looks to be easily adapted to other systems. Issue 1 of Saga is available on Drivethru.

*I love the stuff that Kevin Crawford puts out, and am glad to see The Starship Database, a supplement by Angry Golem Games for Stars Without Numbers that presents ten new ship types for SWN.

*Ruiner is a rules-light retroclone by Mark Conway inspired by Whitehack, Troika, and others.

*Bloat Games has come out with a series of monster manuals inspired by the Legends of Zelda and compatible with the Survive This system. Overworld is one of three now currently available.

*10 Shark-Themed Magical Items is pretty much as it sounds, which is pretty awesome.

*I don't post enough of these, but there's a new map up on Drivethru just waiting to be filled in. The Friday Enchanced Map by Paratime Games looks to be a great deal for personal use.

*The Dragon Teeth of Kataphrasis is an adventure written for B/X (or similar games) for levels 3-5.

*Warpstar: Dire Threats, is a book of threats and monsters for the Warpstar game.

*Huffa Frobes-Cross has released Issue #1 of Between the Skies, a cosmic fantasy rpg and a system-neutral set of tables, advice and procedures for running cosmic fantasy games, with a focus on exploration and ultralight/FKR style play and lots and lots of interconnected table.

*One of the favorite books of all time, and one that sees extensive use designing adventures, is Matt Finch's opus Tome of Adventure Design. He's Kickstarting a new edition, and at the time of this posting has a week to go.

*David Maynard has released the Gemaria Code, an adventure written for OSE that comes with a Roll20 compatible map and tools to create ciphers for use in game.

*Lonely Adventurer has released Relic: Additional Character Classes through itch, an expansion for Relic.

*A cool looking game that was just released on itch is Wyrd, an ultra-light swords and sorcery game.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #9 is available on the webstore. Detailing one of the few known ways to reach the Plateau of Leng, it includes rules for adventuring in the Dreamlands, whether physically or while Dreaming, as well as a brief geographic overview of the Dreamlands.

*I've added two new OSR-related titles to the webstore: Arbon and the Rot Dragon is available as a print 'zine, and tibbius' Mythistorical Game Bundle as a pdf. Additionally, I've started to stock more new games (you can search for them under the "Other Publishers, New" tag) including Night Shift, a horror rpg written by OSR-luminaries Timothy Brannan and Jason Vey, the critically acclaimed cyberpunk game Hardwired Island, and an interesting (and absolutely goregous book) entitled the Survivalist's Guide to Spelunking, which is all about caves and underground exploration.

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