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OSR News Roundup for 5.23.22

Let's see what is new on this, the second to last Monday in May, shall we? The big news, of course, is that Goodman Games and Jennell Jaquays are Kickstarting Original Adventures Reincarnated: The Dark Tower. The Dark Tower is considered one of the best adventurers of all times, and it is being given the OAR treatment that Goodman Games is getting so much praise for.

*The Bundle for Reproductive Justice, organized by the Hydra Cooperative, is in its final week on Drivethrurpg. It's got over 400.00 worth of amazing titles -- including many indie and OSR-related -- for the low price of 25.00. There've been some new titles added since it launched, so if you purchased it early on you can have these new titles added to your library as well.

*World of Bastards: Scurvy is a pirate-based adventure for the grim OSR Wretched Bastards system.

*Eric Diaz and Chaos Factory have just released a book called Alternate Magic that looks pretty great. It introduces new spells and casting classes for OSR games, which is always a good thing, in my mind.

*Mork Borg is still getting a lot of 3rd party support, including Forbidden Psalms: Rotten Bits, but Optimistic NIL, a mini-setting for Forgotten Psalms.

*Pyramid of the Undying is a PWYW fan edit of the classic B4 The Lost City adventure.

*Noora Rose of Monkey's Paw Games has released Hard Ticket to Lud, with art by Dyson Logos. a fascinating looking weird hexcrawl adventure.

*Taverns, Tales, and Trails Issue #1 is a new 'zine written for the Bay of Spirits Medieval Fantasy Setting.

*Goodman Games has released two first-time fan bundles for DCC and MCC, each priced at 50% off.

*Diego Castro has released some really cool-looking stock art (link to the snake temple piece).

*The pdf for Fantastic Geographic Issue #1 has been released, a new 'zine by Silver Bulette and featuring some well-known authors and artists.

*Tibbius has released After on itch, a game exploring death and what happens after.

*Cargo is a rules-lite sci-fi game inspired by Alien, Silent Running, and the Thing, in which the players are the crew of futuristic cargo ships.

*Spook Jaguar has released a 4d20 dungeon generator that looks pretty cool and is part of the 4d20 jam currently winding down on itch.

*Tanya Floaker has released Lo! Thy Dread Empire on itch. Currently in playtesting, the system is a mashup of wargames and storygames.

*I've been adding a *ton* of used books to the website, including a number that are OSR-related: a couple of OSE products, Torchbearer, S&W Whitebox, and more. You can check out the new used games here.

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