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OSR News Roundup for April 17th, 2023

Another month is more than half over, and here in the northern hemisphere the weather is getting warmer as we roll into springtime. This week is a little light on new releases: I can only assume that a lot of people are outside, taking advantage of the warming temperatures. I also just wanted to drop a reminder that Shane Thayer, the driving force behind Wobblies and Wizards, is currently raising funds to start a publisher-owned zine printing company, which will be a great thing for small, independent creators in the rpg-sphere.

*Oh! This went live on Kickstarter the same day as the Newsletter went out, so I didn't plug it, but Bridgetown, a "liminal, pastoral rpg" written for Troika is now funding on Kickstarter. It is a super cool looking game, from what I've seen of the previews.

*Sivad's Sanctum has released In the Light of a Setting Sun, Bonanza edition, a wild west rpg inspired by iconic western gunfighter movies.

*There are two sequels to the STREETS game: BIRD CVLT and NIGHT SHIFT allow you to take the roll of birds and nocturnal critters, respectively. These two zines can be used in conjunction with STREETS or as a stand-alone game.

*In probably one of the most interesting game jams I've seen pop up on itch, Duck Crawl 2023 is a collaborative ttrpg jam that, uh, is focused on designing a point-crawl on the back of a giant duck.

*The Hungering Halls of Haat the Pitiful is a 3rd party adventure for Mork Borg.

*The folks over at Red Ruin Publishing have released two new free products for the Dragon Warriors rpg: The Tower of Ulric the Sorcerer and Casket of Fays #9. Like all of their products, these two are free to download.

*The Cathedral of the Undying is a 5th level adventure for DCC where character death isn't permanent, but is instead one step closer to becoming an undead monstrosity.

*Best Left Buried is a fantasy horror game put out by Soul Muppet publishing, and The Throne of Avarice is a new supplement that is part setting, part procedural generation tool for play using the BLB system.

*I saw this on Drivethru and thought it looked interesting: Gray Bartering is a pay-what-you-want supplement for OSR games that explores how to do bartering for goods and services in game, for times when coin is not accepted.

*This pdf has got a long title and is written for Shadowdark, exploring the Soulblight setting: Soulblight - The Indigo Outpost Feuilleton - Issue III: The Jungles of Sur is the third issue of a zine.

*I often hear folks ask about the lack of retroclones based on AD&D 2e; Legacy of Dragons is out, and it's written not as a straight retroclone but as expanded player options for 2e.

*Trial of the Slime Lord is a free 0-level adventure written for Shadowdark.

*Raging Swan Press has a new Wilderness Dressing supplement out, this one focused on Isles and Islands.

*The Saga: April 2023 is a free zine written for the Sagaborn system but usable in pretty much any OSR game. This issue focuses on magic.

*Another variation on the Black Hack Ruleset is the recently released West Hack, designed to emulate the Western genre.

*Cloistered is a setting location written for Old School Essentials and features a detailed monastery and nearby town.

*There's a new episode of the OSE hexcrawl Basilisk Hill Breakdown out. In this, the 4th session, the adventurers return from their various tasks and set about deciding what to do next.

*I'm running a sale on my website which ends tonight; 25% off all products, and 60% off all clearance items.

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