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OSR News Roundup for April 22, 2024

Welcome to the third Roundup in April. Last week I'd mentioend the new Seas of Sand setting/adventure coming out, and a reader pointed out Xeric Sands, a desert depthcrawl in the same vein as Emmy Allen's Garden's of Ynn and Stygian Library. Xeric Sands is by Andy Murrilo, and looks to be something that can be slotted into Seas of Sand very easily. There's also a Palestinian Relief Bundle on itch right now, and in addition to some excellent indie titles there are a number of OSR-related titles as well.

  • One of my favorite things to do is to highlight the works of first-time authors, and so I was tickled when I stumbled across Halls of the Beetle Queen. Written for Cairn as part of itch's Hex Jam, it is the first release by BoRyan.Online. I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

  • Tidal Wave Games has released Knight of Diamond, a free rpg compatible with OSE and other similar systems. What caught my eye is that it is inspired by the only Wizardry CRPGs, which I enjoyed imensely as a youth.

  • The Cairn kickstarter is chugging along nicely, and hakbyte has relased a minimalist character sheet for use with that system. I especially like the evocative antlers that frame the top entries.

  • Dave Blandy has just released Eco Mofos, a game of environmental apocalypse using a mash-up of Into the Odd and Cairn. There's a vertitable who's who of collaborators on this project: IKO does the editing and Daniel Locke the artwork.

  • It's not a new release, but Dark Tools just came across my radar and I thought it looked cool. Inspired by the ghost stories of MR James, this short game involved hunting for artifacts in a quaint, rural setting.

  • Roxanne B has relased OIL, a rules-lite dungeon crawl about exploring the darkness with a lantern that requires oil to keep lit.

  • The Darkest Outcome looks really interesting: it's a tactical skirmish horror game written by Orbital Crypt. I'm curious to see how the mechanics work in play.

  • It seems like steampunk has been dwindling in popularity recently, but the recently released Sky and Steam Miscellany looks to be a refreshing take on that genre, with the characters playing the roles of super-powered Dickensian protagonists.

  • Jeffrey Jones has released Issue 5 of Gary's Appendix, a wide-ranging zine focusing on quality OSR content.

  • Mighty Peasants Deed Book is a collection of almost 100 tricks and deeds that are usable by 0-level characters in your DCC game to make playing at that level more exciting.

  • Ophoric Labs has released The Wizard Sea Chronicles, Vol. 1, a zine based upon their homebrewed setting. It looks to be a mix of adventure and gazetteer, with some rule additions.

  • Mausritter is one of my favorite new systems, and Sam McKay has released Mousepuzzler, a collection twenty puzzles that can be used for Mausritter, or really any other game.

  • You Meet in a Tavern, You Die in a Dungeon is a procedurally generated dungeon delving game where all of the characters are destined to die. In my opinion it's worth picking up for the rules on procedural dungeon generation alone.

  • I'm currently running a Kickstarter for Issue 33 of Populated Hexes Monthly, which is part two of the series on artifact generation. It comes in at a whopping 57 pages of content, and you can pick up the pdf for just 2.00, as well as pick up Issue 32 if you haven't gotten that yet.

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