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OSR News Roundup for April 3rd, 2023

Many of you have read mentions of the Wobblies and Wizards podcast; they did a fantastic job of releasing short, daily podcast content that highlighted indie and small press publishers in the rpg sphere. I had mentioned a month or so ago that W&W was coming to an end, and Shane (Logar the Barbarian), the creator, has just announced his new project: the Hobby Print Shop & Co-Op, a worker-owned zine publisher. Shane has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase the equipment and supplies needed to get started. If you're an indie creator, or have enjoyed Wobblies and Wizards, I urge you to donate what you can to make his vision a reality. With the OGL-fiasco of early this year it is more important than ever to support indie and marginalized voices and gaming, and Shane has been one of the folks on the forefront of that effort.

*The artist JE Shields is jumping back into the tabletop industry full time, and his first project is a Kickstarter for MACE #1, a collection of forty monsters for old-school gaming, fully illustrated.

*As I mentioned before, Mythmere Games has just launched their Kickstarter for the revised edition of Swords and Wizardry. It's got three weeks left in the campaign and has just started to fund stretch goals.

*Alternate Realities is a mind-bending game of dimensional travel written for use with Liminal Horror.

*I saw a promo for Mum and thought it looked pretty neat: it's a purely pictographic (no text) classic fantasy adventure.

*Whole lotta stuff for Liminal Horror this week, it seems like: SCP Foundation provides guidelines for a Laundry-style campaign using Liminal Horror.

*I've highlighted the works of Amanda P before; well, they've just made all of their excellent stuff PWYW on itch, which is very generous! If you haven't checked out their stuff (especially Tannic!) now is a good time to do so.

*Joel Hines is running another Kickstarter: this one for Tide Worlds of Mani. Like all of his projects, it's lavishly illustrated and extremely creative.

*Cairn of Njal is a pocket-sized adventure written for Ruincairn. It's got some really cool illustrations and layout, and is also compatible with most OSR games.

*Golden Idol, available on itch, is a Cairn hack that seeks to emulate the pulp adventures of Indiana Jones.

*I saw the art for Of Moon and Leaf and was immediately hooked. It's a solo journaling game about life in a magical forest.

*The Smell of Malice is an adventure written for the Fie, I Say system. I'm not familiar with the system (it's billed as a comedic take on more serious classic frpgs), but it features the art of JV West, who I'm a big fan of.

*Speak of the devil, Fie I Say is also out, by the same author as above!

*Sanctum Secorum #1 is out. It's a free zine for DCC.

*Starry Knight Press has released The Monk's Respite, a system-neutral OSR adventure set in a desert.

*Two Clan Tango, by Luke Gearing, is an adventure for the Dungeon Gran Prix system, where the saying is that "anything that can be in a kart, *is* in a kart".

*Christian Eichhorn has released Beyond Cy, a supplement for CY_Borg. It explores a region outside of the city of CY.

*Richard Kelly has just published Pharmagothica, a hack of Mork_Borg that imagines a post-apocalyptic, bio-horror setting. It's a hefty 137 pages, and looks to be a great bargain for the price.

*Mail Order Apocalypse is a post-apoc game with an interesting premise: the machines won, but they're not out to exterminate mankind, and the PCs are trying to swindle and steal their way through the new world order.

*I mentioned JE Shields's newest project above; he's also one of the artists in the Bada$$ Bunnies Zine, written for Mutant Crawl Classics and similar games (lots of post-apoc stuff in this week's Roundup, too).