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OSR News Roundup for August 14th, 2023

This Saturday, the 12th, was the sixth anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville (where I'm based), and the store we opened back in July just happens to be on the same street that witnessed the murder of Heather Heyer by a vehicle driven by an alt-right demonstrator into a crowd of counter-protesters. I posted about this in a short blog post on Saturday, but thought it was worth reiterating here. Sabre Games and Third Kingdom Games are pro-Black Lives Matter, pro-trans rights, pro-LGBTQ, and always anti-fascist.

I'm on vacation this week, so this roundup may be a little shorter than normal, but let's go ahead and dive into it, shall we?

  • Gwyllgi has created a bookmark oracle that is pretty snazzy.

  • The One Page RPG jam is currently running over on itch, and Cezar Capacle's entry, Murder at Morsley Manor, a card-based rpg where hidden secrets are not predetermined by forged through gameplay.

  • Another entry for the OPJ is The Great Manifestation. The author bills it as "no rules, just paperwork. If you love ghosts and bureaucracy you'll love it".

  • Running at the same time on itch is the Forgotten Jam, and SummerTimeAlice has written Grave of the Fossil Dragon.

  • Dithmer has released Heirs of the Leviathan, a World of Dungeons hack, set in a world of tragic fantasy politics and intrigue. The art is very evocative.

  • Hungry Clone has just released the ashcan of their game The Forest. It's set in an endless forest of clearings connected by a single railway line, at the center of which stands a black tower. The author has incorporated their Korean heritage into the game.

  • I could have sworn I mentioned this game a few weeks ago, but it just popped back up on my radar as a new release, so here it goes again. This Mortal Coil is written as a setting/supplement for Liminal Horror, in which the players are space necromancers seeking to build a device that grants eternal life.

  • The Three Towers, by M Allen Hall, is an adventure for Mork Borg that uses a clever dungeon map to keep track of the character's progress.

  • The Great Dwarf Road, by Simon Carryer, is a 3rd level OSR dungeon set in an old dwarven thoroughfare that has been long abandoned.

  • Misery's Keep is an adventure for Mork Borg. The Micery Keep is an adaptation of that adventure to Mausritter, written as part of the TTRPG Layout Jam 2023.

  • Inspired by Umbria's dungeon synth album The Sleeping Wizard, The Flames Witnessed at Temperance is the first foray into publishing by D. D. Grant. It's written for BX-style games and is a free, 16-page adventure.

  • The talented Ahimsa Kerp has released the Ars Moriendi, an undead-themed supplement that builds on the rules in Old School and Cool Issue #4.

  • The Star Mermaid, by John Fredericks, is a sci-fi adventure designed to be compatible with both retro and modern versions of D&D.

  • Oh, and I almost forgot, there's this little Kickstarter for a project called Dolmenwood. I'm sure none of my readers have heard of it, but it's supposed to be pretty good and is at . . . holy shit it's going to break a million dollars, isn't it (it's at 992k as I write this, with 26 days to go).

  • I'm taking a page from Philip Reed's numerous Kickstarters and doing a short, week-long Kickstarter for Issue 25 of Populated Hexes Monthly. It's the first of two issues that introduces a new, point-less psionics system to OSE and similar games, that features a simple roll-under mechanism that allows the psionicist to temporarily spend ability score points to succeed in using powers.

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