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OSR News Roundup for August 15th, 2022

We're halfway through the month of August and I'm recovering from Covid, so I apologize if this week's Roundup isn't going to be as comprehensive as usual. I'm going to be listing both the upcoming ZineQuest interviews this week and link to last week's interviews, so you can check out what some of the ZineQuest projects will be.

This Week's Lineup

August 15th. NeonRot with BoneBout

August 16th. John Baltisberger with Morkabeans

August 17th. Feylight Studios with This Ship is a Tomb

August 18th. Jeffrey Jones with Gary's Appendix

August 19th. Slang Century with Raccoon Saloon.

August 20th. Marc Braden with MisAdventure Games.

August 21st. Landen P with Pocket Hex

Last Week's Posts

Aug. 8th. Bill Edmunds with Inn to the Deep

Aug. 9th. Joel Whitney with Borne from the Ashes

August 10th. Red Oak Games with Gunplaya and Brooklet Games with Wordlings.

August 11th. Spooky Bell Games with Beyond Deep

August 12th. Gianluca and FLAM with Dead Gods Hunters

August 13th. Appendix N with 'Zines with Class

August 14th. Wayne Roberts with a one-two punch of two 'zines: Worldbreaker and Dark Tides of Zaratos.

The Dragons are Real Podcast seem to be doing a better job than I at compiling all of the currently active ZQ4 projects. Part 3 of the posts about it can be found here.

*I've mentioned Sivad's Sanctum here before, and just saw that for the month of August Helm, their game of dark swords and sorcery is PWYW on itch.

*Secret of the Black Crag is live on Kickstarter (not in conjunction with ZineQuest, as far as I can tell). Written for Old School Essentials, it is an island-hopping adventure centered around a mysterious dungeon recently risen from the ocean depths.

*tibbius as released Golden Goons: Occult Advenures on itch. It's a mashup of Tunnel Goons and 24XX.

*David II has released An Offworlder's Guide to Corporate Rituals as a PWYW on itch.

*I've mentioned the Aeon 'zine on occasion, and one of the writers emailed to let me know they're getting ready to launch issue #4. Written for DCC, the 4th issue of this ancient greek-themed 'zine is entitled the Halls of Hades. It's going live tomorrow (Tuesday the 16th) and will be part of ZineQuest.

*Sean Smith has released Island of Inheritence, a hexcrawling adventure written for OD&D. The premise is that the player has received a deed to the island as part of an inheritance, with the only catch being they need to stay there for a month.

*Written for Overlords of Dimension-25, Destination: Tartarus is a OSR-space adventure that calls back to the golden age of pulp sci-fi.

*Sword of the Kesshonic Key is a PWYW description of a magic item.

*Moon Daughter's Fate is an adventure written for Swords and Wizardry by Alice Peng with inspiritations drawn from Chinese folklore.

*I've added some new products to the webstore:

**I've added Gabiko, The Floating Goblin Fortress by Brooklet Games to the website, and have also added the same title to the Brooklet Games bundle, where you can get all four of their titles that I have in stock at a discount.

*I've released Issue 12 of Populated Hexes Monthly (a full year's worth!) and have bundled the last four issues together as a package deal.

**Also, just as a reminder, all of the 'zines I've got in stock are 20% off through the end of the month to coincide with ZineQuest.

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