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OSR News Roundup for August 21st, 2023

I'm back from the beach and ready to dive into last week's new releases!

  • Primate Practice Press has introduced an interesting, free entry into this years' One Page RPG jam. Entitled the losing game, it is written for MOSAIC Strict, and provides a way of resolving physical combat that involves either winning or losing a fight. As the author puts it, "violence destroys, bit by bit, what everyone values and needs for thriving, win or lose".

  • Luke Simonds of Cats Have no Lord consistently publishes some neat little products, and they're entry into the Sci-Fi One Shot jam on itch is a good example of this. Entitled Robot Death Ship, it is written for Cairn-based sci-fi games, it posits an alien ship full of robots that become more hostile the longer the adventurers remain on board.

  • Embalmed Basin is a submission to the Vaarn Summer jam, and is a small hexcrawl that Referees can run if their players are hungry to grant their characters new mutations.

  • kapithan and I must have similar kids; they wrote No Normies when their daughter wanted to play in a Wednesday-style game. This is a simple, two page rpg that is available in both English and Spanish, which I think is a cool feature.

  • iko, of The Lost Bay, is hosting a 90s Urban Legend Jam on itch that looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  • Satah, a contributor to Jess Levine's I Have the High Ground, amongst others, has published a submission to the one-page jam, which includes resolutions using both a deck of cards and a cootie catcher. It's billed as a cyberpunk caper.

  • Shadowdark is the new hotness, but this is the first I've heard of Junkers, a sci-fi setting designed for use with the Shadowdark system. Danger at Dark Hole is the second adventure set in the Junkers world, and sends the PCs on a mission to explore a mining outpost.

  • I was super excited to see this game when it popped up on my social media feed the other day, because I think Noora Rose releases excellent products. This, a revision of an earlier work, looks to be just as good as their other stuff. Beecher's Bibles is set in 1850s Kansas, and the players take the roles of militant anti-slavery guerrillas.

  • Temple of Treachery is a psychedelic adventure for Mork Borg. It's currently available only in German, but will soon be available in English.

  • I'd mentioned Dungeon Grand Prix awhile back, and there's a new adventure/campaign setting for it. Hell-Climb is a point-crawl adventure that adds dirt-bikes to the go-kart milieu.

  • Many of you are likely aware that I like hexmaps and I cannot lie, but the new book by John Cunningham caught my eye. Shadowdark: Journeying on Non-Hexcrawl Maps, attempts to do what it says on this tin; provide rules for overland travel on non-hexmaps.

  • The Old School Essentials version of Dark Places and Demogorgons, the Stranger Things-inspired setting by Bloat Games, is now available in pdf.

  • We've got a bunch of books by Severed Books in stock (including the Dead Milkmen-themed adventure the Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera), and they've just released a new one. The Dark Glinting with Metal is a setting written for Mork Borg.

  • Ryan Thompson of Appendix N Entertainment is raising funds for his third and final book looking at the outer planes and adding demons, devils, and now angels to Old School Essentials.

  • We've added Seven Murders til Midnight, by Absurdist Productions, is now out in print. It was crowdfunded as part of ZineQuest 2023 (you can catch my interview with the author here). It's a solo rpg where you play the role of a detective -- a cop, a reporter, or just a concerned citizen -- trying to catch a serial killer.

  • Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 24 is now available in print on Drivethru. This issue features the lair of a surly ettin, the hideout of a gang of desperate bandits, and a fey-themed playable dwarf class for Old School Essentials.

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