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OSR News Roundup for December 12th, 2022

I covered a bunch of new releases in last week's Roundup; I think a lot of folks waited for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff to be over to release their new products. One thing I wanted to mention is that Sean McCoy and Luke Gearing of Mothership fame have started the Dungeon23 challenge: creating a twelve level, 365-room dungeon during the upcoming 2023 by doing one room per day. Looks like lots of folks are getting inspired by this idea, and for those interested in participating there's an awesome compilation of resources posted to itch by Andrew Duvall.

Last week's Meet the Publisher Interview was with Ben Laurence, author of Through Ultan's Door and the newly recently Downtime in Zyan. The upcoming interview for this week will be with Brad Kerr, author of the recently released Wyvern Songs, a quartet of adventures and mini-hexcrawl for OSE.

Let's see what the new releases were last week, shall we?

*Grim Delver is a realm for use with the RUNE system, and is currently available on itch.

*Levi Gilbert has just released an interesting fiction-first, collaborative story-telling game with the evocatively named Walking Among Leaves. It's a pay what you want mini-game, designed to be printed out on a single pieces of paper and folded into a booklet.

*Shattered Mirror is a new system using the 24XX engine and Into the Odd, set in the 18th century of our world and designed to support games of swashbuckling and adventure.

*The ever-creative taichara has just released Cysts of the Crystal Dream, featuring a hand-drawn, watercolored cave system.

*I'm Kickstarting The Pallid Fields, a mini-hexcrawl in Faery. It has already been released, but I'm expanding it to add a dozen new pages of content and to release it in an offset, staplebound version as well. It's a four hex domain in the Winter Court of Faery, and in addition to the hexcrawl part has rules for creating Faery Lords and Ladies, information about Faery, and more.

*Kyle Maxwell just released The Heavenly Host, a short, Christmas-themed scenario set in modern times for Call of Cthulhu.

*Atelier Clandestin has a new title out: Bad Things Happen in Dungeons is written in A5 format so it can be printed out and turned into a booklet, and covers all sorts of bad things that happen in dungeons, how they happen, and why your new replacement PC is also in the dungeon with you.

*James Mishler Games has released The Witch, the Shepherd, his Goats, and their Daughter, an adventure for the Shadowdark rpg. I'm not familiar with that system, but this adventure features art by Evlyn Moreau, which is always a good deal.

*You May Now Panic, Vol. 2, is a PWYW micro sci-fi game set int a desert sandbox with the low-level crew of a crashed spaceship.

*I'm always down for promoting the artwork of Carlos Castilho, who has just released some new stock art packages. This one, Towers and Doors, provides artwork of just that. There's more of his work that you can find by clicking on his artist name.

*Kormar Publishing has released Cavern of the Creeping Terror, a system-neutral OSR adventure for 3rd level characters.

*I saw someone post this on social media and thought it may be worth checking out. B/X: Expanded Weapon Qualities, is a free pdf that adds tactical aspects to the normal BX weapon selections.

*Raging Swan Press has been producing a line of Wilderness Dressing pdfs. This newest one focuses on Castles.

*Kick Murder is a new game inspired by movies such as Blade Runner, Gattaca, and Cloud Atlas.

*PHM #16 -- the Crescent Isle, is now available as a pdf on Drivethru. It looks at an island in the Silver Sea and is the first in a three part series expanding naval options for OSE and OSR-style games.

*I've added some new titles to the webstore:

**Three new mini-delves for the Marching Order solo system, by Crumbling Keep.

**The products from the most recent Necrotic Gnome Kickstarter are finally in and have been uploaded to the webstore! This includes the box sets for both Basic and Advanced, the official modules produced by NG, and the first three issues of Carcass Crawler.

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