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OSR News Roundup for December 27th, 2021

This is the second News Roundup and the last of 2021. Let's see what was new last week, shall we? Also, if you're planning on participating in Zinequest this year and would like me to link to your page, the sooner you get in touch with me the better.

  • There's an "Ind of the Year" game bundle over on itch that is near 100% funding and runs through the end of the year. Depending on your pledge level you can get up to 51 indie games, so it's worth checking out to support small game designers.

  • The Book of Gaub, a system neutral anthology (by seven authors) of "creepy magic and and microfiction" is available through the Lost Pages webstore in both print and pdf versions.

  • The 3rd edition of Hyperborea, from North Wind Adventures, is now available in pdf from Drivethrurpg. There are four books: the Player's Manual, Referee's Manual, Atlas of Hyberborea, and an introductory adventure.

  • The third e-zine from Axian Spice is out on Drivethru. Titled Notable Novices and Notorious Newcomers, it's written for OSE and other similar systems and provides tables to introduce newcomers -- PC and NPC alike -- to the party.

  • I came across the hex-work of Fernando Salvaterra on Twitter and was really impressed by what he does. I saw last week that his first print book, Hexalage 1, is available for pre-order.

  • Jeremy Hart Illos is running a Quickstarter for his Creature Feature Quarterly. This one features monsters for the Black Hack. But hurry, the Quickstarter ends today at 7:30 eastern US time.

  • ORCS, an adventure set in the Hubris world, is available through Swordfish Island. Currently only the POD is available, with a gold foil printed cover available soon.

  • taichara has a new release on itch. Florilegium Ex Miscellanea is a collection of 100 rules-light, system neutral spells to add to your game. I'm a big fan of their work, and excited to check this one out.

  • Third Kingdom Games has added an offset print run of Issue #1 of Populated Hexes Monthly to their website. Softback, staplebound, 18 pages.

  • Third Kingdom Games is also looking to increase the number of titles we carry. If you're a publisher and would like to expand your reach please contact Todd for wholesale rates.

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