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OSR News Roundup for February 13th, 2023

We're halfway through February and ZineMonth is going strong. There are a *ton* of projects being crowdfunded, and I'm trying not to overwhelm this newsletter with all of them. You can find links to the two ZineMonth umbrella organizations here:

  1. ZineMonth23.

  2. ZineQuest5.

  3. Here's my series of interviews with various creators involved in this month's efforts.

This is a shorter Roundup than normal, largely because there are just so many currently funding projects -- and other places that are doing great jobs of promoting them -- that I wanted to focus on stuff that has been released in the past week, to keep them from falling through the cracks.

*Sylphcese is a rules-light fantasy setting that can used to handle dungeon or hexcrawls.

*The pdfs for the trifecta of Knight Owl products -- Deluge, Aquatic Adventures, and the Referee Screen -- are now up on Drivethru. You can also get the physical books through my webstore.

*Written for Cepheus Engine (a clone of Traveller), A Rift in Time is a PWYW adventure.

*The talented Glynn Seal has released Fighting Folk of the Haven Isle, a guidebook to martial characters that uses the Swords and Wizardry ruleset.

*CY_OPS Issue 1 is a player-facing zine for the popular CY_Borg system.

*Written for the Braunhaven campaign setting and using OSE, the Ruins of Castle Braun is an adventure for characters of levels 3-5.

*If you're looking for some physical dungeon doors to use at the game table, D6 Random Fantasy Dungeon Generator: 3D Papercraft Dungeon Doors is available.

*I'm not aware of the Trophy Gold system, but Tides of a Dead Sea is a new adventure for that ruleset by Ember and Ash.

*Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland is a cool gonzo post-apoc system, and Attack Alley is a a new adventure written for it.

*I thought this looked pretty cool: How to Run Chase Scenes in any Fantasy RPG is a short supplement available as PWYW that does pretty much what the title says.

*Adventure Perilous is a new game out by Bloat Games that looks like it seeks to emulate the old 8-bit rpgs.

*The Vault of Wonders is a killer dungeon written for name-level characters and usable in any OSR-style game.

*Finally, the Fungi of the Urwald Forest is a supplement that adds a bunch of fungi to your game. I love this kind of supplement.

*PHM Issue 18 -- The Sea Scourge, is now available in softcover POD. It features a typical parrot-folk pirate vessel, complete with schematic drawing of the vessel, and two playable race-as-class parrot-folk options for Old School Essentials or similar games.

*My zinequest project -- Hex 14.42 Troll Mountain -- ends its campaign on the 14th. It's the final hex in the Keep of the Rawhide Gang cluster, and has two dungeons and a bunch of wilderness encounters.

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