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OSR News Roundup for February 20th, 2023

We're three weeks into ZineMonth, and things seem to be going strong. I've been posting daily interviews with publishers participating in the event on my blog, which you can catch here. Please consider supporting independent creators during this year's ZineMonth; as we have all seen in the past few weeks the hobby needs independent voices now more than ever.

Let's jump right in and see what's new from last week, shall we?

*I forgot to mention this last week. Helicity has released two sets of retro-tilesets that can be used for VTT or mapping. They're inspired by 8-bit computer games and are super nifty.

*I mentioned Spellburn and Battlescars a few Roundups ago, and there's a new supplement for it now crowdfunding on itch. S&B looks to be a rules-lite version of DCC, and The Gamemaster's Handbook provides options and guidance.

*As long-time readers may know, I'm a sucker for anything involving the art of Evlyn Moreau, so I was super thrilled to see that she has written a new game, alongside Huffa (text and layout) and RatGrrrlGames (text and random tables). Against the Grey is a system-agnostic adventure about anthropomorphic animals, and is available on itch.

*I wish this game was out when my daughter was younger: Princess Guard is a new game of magical princesses written to be playable by kids of all ages (up to 106!).

*Seven Silver Spheres is an introductory point-crawl adventure written for Cairn.

*There's an interesting supplement on itch that provides a mini-game system for running sidequests during a campaign. Straying from the Path is by DeReel and is designed to be compatible with any fantasy-style system.

*This is Not a Dream, by Tabletop Grindhouse, is a 60-page adventure for Mork Borg, and set in a strange convent built to convey a nigh-omnipotent monster.

*There's a new supplement out for the Spears and Spells system: Character Talents, by industry veteran RP Davis, adds dozens of new Talents.

*Crypt of the Devil Lich, by Goodman Games, is an updated version of the module they published back in 2004, inspired by Tomb of Horrors, and now statted for DCC.

*Joel Hines has released another adventure that can be used with their previous Secret of the Black Crag. The Pyre of Kalyon Moss is a nautical adventure, written of OSE, designed for characters of level 3-5. Also by Joel Hines, A Fistful of Spores, written for Mothership, features a fungal rush to find a sought-after hallucinogenic spore.

*Harbinger Games has released the Swolcerer, a class for OSR games that explores the "muscle mage" concept.

*Gargoyle 74 is an OSR fantasy ruleset published by the folks at Stellagama Games, makers of the Cepheus Engine.

*Unnatural Selections, Vol. 1, is a new 'zine written for Mutant Crawl Classics, and is designed to be printed as individual pages that can be hole-punched and added to a binder, in the fashion of the old 2e Monstrous Compendiums.

*I'm a big fan of random tables to help create adventures, and Gems and Jewelry is a PWYW-supplement designed to aid in the generation of gemstones and jewelry.

*I'd mentioned Block, Dodge, and Parry, designed as an advanced edition for Cairn, when it was released on itch; it's now available on Drivethru.

*Chestnutt Publishing has just released Torches #6, a zine for a variety of OSR-style games.

*Sprawl Goons: Updated Carbon Edition, is now out. It's a rules-lite, cyberpunk game that uses a 2d6 system.

*Eagerly awaited by many, included myself, The Monster Overhaul, by Skerples, is now available to the public on Drivethru.

*Points of Light is a Mork Borg hack designed to emulate Gygaxian-style fantasy gaming using Mork Borg as an engine.

*I've added some new titles to my website:

  1. Into the Cess and Citadel, by Wet Ink Games, is available in hardcover. It's the companion volume for their popular Into the Wyrd and Wild.

  2. The Pallid Fields Revised Edition is a mini-hexcrawl in the realm of Faery and is available as a pdf and saddle-stitched version. It's also available as a pdf on Drivethru.

  3. I've added the pdf of We Deal in Lead, the Cairn-based, Dark Tower-inspired gunslinger game by Colin Le Sueur.

Please note my use of affiliate links on Drivethru products. It helps support my ability to do these Roundups.

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