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OSR News Roundup for February 26th, 2024

Last week in February, and ZineMonth is wrapping up as well. I wasn't on top of things as much this year as in previous years, and some interviews slipped through the cracks and were missed. I apologize if I missed your project. Since this Roundup is covering two weeks worth of stuff, instead of linking directly to individual interviews this link will take you to all the interviews tagged with ZiMo24.

One thing I'd like to call attention to directly is Return to Perinthos. It's the compilation of the community created dungeons that were part of the Jennell Jaquays Memorial Game Jam that was held on itch. Luke Gearing has volunteered to create content that ties the different levels together, and Goodman Games donated a unpublished interview with Jennell with Tavis Allison. It's on Crowdfundr, so might not be getting the eyeballs that something on Kickstarter does.

There's only a couple of days left to take advantage of the Sabre Games 'zine sale in conjunction with ZineMonth, where you can take 20% off all our in-stock zines.

  • DeReel has released a charming, nostalgic look at childhood water fights on itch. It's pretty minimal, but hits right in the feels.

  • Advanced Fantasy Dungeons, a "paraclone" of AD&D 2e (something sorely missing in the OSR field, I think) is in the playtesting phase on itch. It's a "paraclone" because it imagines AD&D as it might be played in an alternate reality that split off from ours in 1993 and went a different route.

  • I've been seeing whispers about Tarvannion online, and it has just been released to itch. It looks really cool. Written by Castle Grief, it's a system agnostic high dark fantasy toolkit with the aesthetic of something your DM cooked up in his binder during 5th period study hall.

  • We carry some of the works of seedling games, and at the last minute they decided to throw something together for ZineMonth. Entitled Liars, Friends, and Troublemakers, it's a collection of 8 NPCs that are loosely statted for Cairn. This is a project they're going to put together themselves at home, in the true spirit of ZineMonth.

  • Shots in the Dark #1 is a collection of one-shot adventures for ShadowDark. It's put together by Sara Angell, but features the works of a bunch of authors.

  • I stumbled across the Meatheads Kickstarter and thought it was worth a shout out. It's a clever, whimsical mega-dungeon that, like Tarvannion, has a do-it-yourself aesthetic.

  • Not a game per se, but a story that involves a fictional game, Dynasty of Blood is an exploration of the Satanic Panic and how it influenced the world of the 1980s. I think it is especially relevant with some of the narratives being pushed in today's world.

  • The Cursed Art Pack, a collection of 20 CC-BY-4.0 prints that evoke a strange and horrific world, is currently live on Kickstarter. No AI was used in this artwork, and due to the license it can be used for commercial as well as personal projects. I would especially recommend this for people publishing Mork Borg products.

  • Jimmy Shelter and the Good Sleep Collective are itchfunding the Dreamlands, a dream and nightmare themed tabletop roleplaying supplement with adventures, monsters, archetypes, strange places and lots of art. It's written for DURF but, of course, can be easily adapted to other OSR/NSR systems.

  • I really like the premise of Great Metal Serpent. Written for Vaults of Vaarn, it is a dungeon inside a space elevator that has collapsed and fallen to earth. They've also released Dwellers of the Waste, a bestiary and supplement for the same system.

  • RagnaBorg is another hack of Mork Borg, but this game is set in the last days of Ragnarok.

  • YouCanBreatheNowGames has released a number of short adventures, including The Buried Convent of the Headless Saint.

  • Downsized Press has released Downsized Dungeons, Vol 2, a collection of shorter adventures written for OSE. They're designed to have minimum prep time to help Referees run them at short notice.

  • Wayne Robert, the author of Dungeon Plumber, has released the Mud Wizard, a class for Old School Essentials. Inspired by environmental activists, the proceeds from these sales will all be donated to charity.

  • Tales of the Wolfguard is by Andrea Mollica, author of the popular Falkrest Abbey. This adventure is written for OSE and is an open-world sandbox style adventure, and also includes an ambient music soundtrack to play while you're running it.

  • Joel Hines of Silverarm Press creates consistently good content, and he's teamed up with Leo Hunt to Kickstart The Shrike, a megadungeon written for Old School Essentials that's set in an extraplanar megastructure.

  • Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 30 is now available on Drivethru.

  • I'm adding a second project for ZineMonth that will be going live on March 1st. PHM Issue 32 adds artifacts and relics to your OSR and OSE game, with rules for the Referee to design and use these most potent of magical items.

  • We've also added a bunch of new titles to the webstore from Indie Press Revolution and Exalted Funeral.

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