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OSR News Roundup for February 27th, 2023

We're entering the home stretch of the last week of February, and this year's ZineMonth event is winding down. You can find more interviews I conducted with ZiMo creators here, on the blog. It's kind of a short roundup this week, but I expect things should be getting more back to normal during the next few weeks as ZineMonth projects wrap up.

I've been running a mid-level hexcrawl using Old School Essentials and am beginning to put stuff together to start releasing it as a podcast. AP blog reports can be found by searching for "AP Reports".

*O, Death! is a new project raising funds on Kickstarter that is *not* associated with ZineMonth. It's a 2nd level adventure written for DCC, designed to be set in Goodman Game's Chained Coffin setting (although it does not have to be!).

*Adam Hensley has uploaded their game Monolith to Lulu (not seeing that much stuff on Lulu these days, for some reason). I've mentioned it in the past: Monolith is a sci-fi system written for one GM and at least one player.

*Shelter from the Storm, by FEI Games, is a PWYW scenario that can be inserted into an existing campaign or hexcrawl. It's written for Old School Essentials.

*I saw this and thought it looked pretty neat, especially for fans of randomly generated dungeons such as myself. The Book of Ancestral Dungeons is a 40-page pdf designed to add context and purpose to a procedurally generated dungeon.

*The Laidback DM has released another couple Shotglass Adventures, a series of one shot, one-page adventures statted for both 5e and OSR systems: The Lovely Bones and Tomb of the Defiled.

*Jim Pinto and post world games has been releasing a Better Monster series, with each release taking a single monster and providing options and lore for it. I'm not going to link to all of them, but one that I'm interested in is their Oozes one.

*Feast of the Immaculate Conception, by Robert Murphy, is a system and setting in one for playing in an alternate history California during the early 1800s. I haven't had a chance to check it out, and I'm curious to see how it tackles themes of colonialism.

*Soul Burner looks to be interesting. It claims to be a standalone system that "acts as a bridge between worlds of violent dark fantasy and stoner metal science fantasy", but is also compatible with Mork Borg.

*Speaking of the Borgs, Smuggler is a new class for Pirate Borg.

*Goblin's Henchman has pioneered the "hex flower" means of generation, and Carapace is a new product of theirs that uses three alternate forms of procedural generation. This is the new, expanded art version.

*Christopher Wilson has released The Orc who Would be Queen, a low-level adventure written for Old School Essentials.

*Pacesetter Games has released a DCC adventure for characters of 2nd-4th level. Q1 The Screaming Temple is a short adventure designed to be played in a single evening.

*The talented Luke Gearing has released Random Access, a module for the Sprawlscape system.

*I've added some new titles to the webstore:

  1. PDFs by Colin Le Sueur, including Runecairn and We Deal in Lead.

  2. The softcover of Populated Hexes Monthly, Year One, a compiled collection of the first twelve issues of Populated Hexes Monthly.

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