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OSR News Roundup for January 10th, 2022

Let's see what the first week of the new year brought us, shall we? We, unfortunately, lost power and internet for the first part of the week due to the first big snow of the year, so I had a bit of catching up to do on news once the power came back on and I likely missed a bunch of stuff. Apologies if I didn't catch your project.

First, the big news is that it looks like Kickstarter will not be hosting the 2022 ZineQuest this February. As per an official announcement from Kickstarter, it is being moved to August to coincide with GenCon. Some folks are putting together an independent "Zine Month 2022" that will happen this February, here.

The new publisher Thick Thief Games reached out to me to share their project for Zine Month so I wanted to go ahead and plug them directly. The Skills to Pay the Bills is a system neutral skill tree add-on for your favorite OSR-game, designed to fit on a single page. You can find it here.

Speaking of Kickstarter, the talented Diogo Nogueira is crowdfunding his new project, War of the Magi, through Gallant Knight Games rather than Kicktarter. The crowdfunding effort ends on January 21st.

Dive, a game of aquatic horror using Mothership, is getting set to launch on Kickstarter. You can find it here.

Lost to the Starlit Reptiles is the first product by Jimmy Shelter, a hexcrawl using the OZR ruleset, available on itch. Features hex tiles by Nate Treme and lizard art by Evlyn Moreau!

Salthaven is an island adventure written by Robin Fjärem for Cairn, available on itch. Looks like it manages to pack a bunch of info into a short little book, and comes with instructions on how to print out to do a zine fold, which I think is pretty neat.

Hull Breach has just launched on Kickstarter. A sci-fi anthology for the wildly popular Mothership, it clocks in at over 200 pages of content!

Wondeerful has just released their first 'zine on itch. The NPC Qualities Generator is a system-agnostic, PWYW guide that uses d66 tables to quickly generate NPCs.

Skirmisher Publishing has just released a bundle on Drivethru of supplements presenting mutant plant monsters. I'm a sucker for plant monsters, and at 4.95 seems like a steal, especially since they can be used for fantasy or post-apoc OSR games like Gamma World or Mutant Future.

Pamphlet Islands is a collection of hexcrawl island pamphlets for OSR style games. It's the author's first Kickstarter, so it comes with that caveat, but looks worth checking out. The pamphlets will be produced in both English and Italian (the author is Italian).

So, it looks like aquatic is the theme of the first week of the new year, as the Hex-n-Screen Kickstarter is scheduled to launch on the 20th of this month, combining The Undying Sands and Bottled Sea. It promises a "unique and expiremental format".

Giuseppe Rotondo is preparing to launch a Kickstarter compiling four of his zines, written for OSE, into a single volume, entitled Axian Library. You can sign up to be notified for the launch here.

I have added a review colum to this blog. The goal is to post every Friday. I'm looking to start with smaller works to begin with, so I can build some momentum. If you've got something that you'd like me to review hit me up at thirdkingdomgames at gmail dot com.

I've added some used titles to this website that you can search for in the product categories by using the tag "used". If you've got some used books you'd like to sell please email a list and photos, if possible.

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