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OSR News Roundup for January 23, 2023

There are two more weeks until the start of ZineMonth, and things look to be going strong despite -- or perhaps because of -- the continuing uncertainty around the WoTC OGL decision. Starting in February I'll be switching over to a series of short, daily Meet the Publisher interviews, similar to what I did in August, focusing on creators participating in ZineMonth/Quest. There's still two more weeks of the 'zine sale I'm having to make room for the new stuff that's bound to be coming out in February.

I made on a post on the blog last week discussing marketing your ZiMo project to retailers -- or, at least, providing consideration for getting your product into stores. If you're going to be participating in ZiMo, and would like to explore getting your book (either print or pdf) into my webstore please give me a shout and we can discuss it. Last week's Meet the Publisher interview was with Tanya Floaker, author of Lo! Thy Dread Emperor, who crowdfunded the project during August's ZineQuest.

*Phil Reed just launched Marco's Market of Magical Merchandise, a book of 100 magical items to add to your game. Speaking of Phil, I've just added five books of his to the website from his most recent Kickstarter (links below).

*There's a cool project up on Kickstarter. Elfland: Beyond the Fields we Know is written for DCC and is less an adventure and more a guide to introducing fairy to your setting. It also includes rules and guidelines for solo play.

*I'd written about 100 Bastards awhile back, and there's now a Kickstarter to raise money for a larger book. Pledge and give the author some lyrics, and they'll create an OSR-style class around those lyrics.

*Donn Stroud puts out consistently quality work, and his new Kickstarter is Ruination Pilgrimage. It's based on the Mothership system and set on a medieval world where demons and disease run rampant.

*Forever Hollow, a game by L.F. OSR, is also up on itch. It's a tri-fold solo adventure for the Fallen system. If you're not familiar with L.F. OSR, they put together some absolutely beautiful products.

*I saw that Ashenheart is also out, and thought it looked pretty interesting: billed as "divinepunk", it's a "1940's post-cataclysm fantasy" with what looks to be some unique aspects to it.

*Maleficia is a new NSR-style system that looks cool; it's also free up on itch for the time being.

*The zine collective Girls Write These Worlds is out with their first issue: Rebirth and New Beginnings. It includes a dungeon you can run after a TPK or character death, arcane jewelry, a new look at the banshee, and more.

*I mentioned the creator Crab a few weeks back, and they've got a new release on itch: Frusna-Norr is an adventure for Mork Borg set in the frozen north.

*Andrew Duvall makes some amazing maps (he has done some for me in the past), and he's got a new adventure up on itch. Galleon of the Jackalmaster is a one-page scenario written for Pirate Borg and set in the past of our world.

*Christian Eichhorn has a bundle of adventures for CY-BORG up on Drivethru.

*Atelier Clandestin keeps pumping out short supplements. Their newest one is 100 Bad Things Happen . . . With Magic.

*Dungeon Grand Prix is billed as Mario Kart meets D&D. That's about it. Looks to be a lot of fun, to be honest.

*The talented and prolific Tim Brannan has released Monster Mash, a collection of thirteen monster-themed classes for Old School Essentials.

*The Gongfarmer's Militia, originally written for DCC, is now available statted for OSE. You can still get the printed 'zine through this webstore.

*Red Ruin Publishing has come out with Casket of Fays #8, their free Dragon Warriors fanzine.

*Gallant Knight Games has just published By Feather & Coop, a supplement for The Hero's Journey system. Amongst other things, this supplement introduces a chicken character class.

*Continuing with their BX Class Options series, The Knotty Works has released Issue 4, this one focusing on clerics and divine power.

*CY-Knight, by BJ Keeton, is a new character class for the CY-Borg system.

*Continuing the trend of folks fleeing the OGL, TOG is an 0SR system that emulates old school D&D without the recognizable bits.

Finally, I've added a bunch of new titles to the webstore:

  1. Five new books by Phil Reed.

  2. The new solo journaling game by Eduareen Nor -- Honey Hex -- available in both hard and softcover.

  3. A number of new pdfs are also now available by different publishers.

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