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OSR News Roundup for January 3rd, 2022

There were more releases and announcements last week than I expected! The following items have popped up on my radar:

Jaws of the Psion is a mini-dungeon written for OZR, which I'm not familiar with but it sounds interesting. Written by Sean F Smith.

Escape Sequence: Xeno is currently Kickstarting, and has about a week left to go until completion. They've already hit their funding goal, but it looks like a neat project if you're interested in solo and/or cooperative sci-fi card games.

Withering Light "is a rules-light Lovecraftian fantasy horror RPG with OSR influences for a group of 4-5 people, one being the Game Master. This game is inspired by Lovecraftian mythos, Mothership (tuesday knight games), Blades in the Dark(Evil Hat Productions) and Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook's Roguelite)."

Huh, lot's of stuff on itch this week. I Bury the Gods is a minimalist take on Ironsworn that uses Dice Pools.

Delver Issue #3 has jus been released on Drivethru in pdf, with the pod option to follow. It's a bi-monthly 'zine written for OSR-style games, featuring a bunch of tables to help with gameplay. This issue also features a short, 18-page dungeon.

The preview page for Issue #3 of Planar Compass is live. It will be launching in February, but go ahead and check out the preview page and follow along so you won't miss this one. If the first two issues are any indication, this will not be one to miss!

The Tomb of Worms, a mini adventure written for Forbidden Lands, has been released as a pdf on Drivethru. Looks like a short, 10-page dungeon.

Brittania Game Design has just released four quick one shot adventures for use in your Chivalry & Sorcery Games. They can be used to expand on the Quickstart rules or dropped into your existing game. The titles are Harp Song, Lurker in the Night, The Sewer Rat, and The Book of Doom, all four of which can be found on their Drivethru page.

Issue #5 of The Warlock Returns, written for Advanced Fighting Fantasy, is out on Drivethru, with a POD version to follow shortly.

Third Kingdom Games has published a free "Issue 0" of Populated Hexes Monthly. This 18-page 'zine is a gazetteer of the world of Absalom and includes maps and a broad overview of the setting and relevant information.

Third Kingdom Games has also added print copies of Cairn to their webstore. A rules-lite adaptation of Knave and Into the Odd, allowing these games to be used with OSE and similar games, it is written by Yochai Gal.
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