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OSR News Roundup for January 8th, 2023

JE Shields is a well-known artist that works in the OSR community (I've mentioned a couple of his projects here in the past). His son recently passed away, and the NTRPG community is hosting a GoFundMe to help with the funeral expenses. If you'd like to help out the link is here.

February's annual ZineMonth is fast approaching, and I'll be doing my interview series again this year. If you've got a project you'll be crowdfunding for during this event please drop me a line and I'll send over a list of questions.

  • I'd mentioned Atop the Wailing Dunes, by Atelier Hwei, back when it was crowdfunding. It's now available on Drivethru. It's a sandbox adventure for PARIAH, the neolithic-punk rpg system.

  • Goblins and Gardens has released a pretty cool looking little game on itch. Dungeon Wilds is a cooperative card game of dungeon crawling and exploration. It has strong rogue-like crpg vibes, and the art is incredibly charming.

  • Returning to Port is a supplement for Mork and Pirate Borg that provides random tables to spice up your players' successful (?) return to port after a sea adventure.

  • Both Knave and Maze Rats are popular OSR systems, and TSOR uses them as an inspiration . . . with the catch being that it is only one page long.

  • Brave Spartan is a solo journaling rpg where you play the part of a guardian statue, tasked with protecting the world's greatest literary collection.

  • Directly pursuant to my interests, The Realm is an OSR-generic supplement that focuses on domain-level play, with rules for mass-combat, random domain events, and more.

  • We sold through the print run of Perils and Princesses we got in within a few weeks, but I'm glad to see the game is now up on Drivethrurpg. It's a fun, OSR-adjacent game with quirky illustrations.

  • I haven't had a chance to check this out yet, but The Mask and the Sword is a historical game that looks to be inspired by the Three Musketeers and similar works. What intrigued me is that it looks like it has options for solo, choose your own adventure style play.

  • Peryton Publishing has released Spacers: 180, a rules-lite sci-fi game that seeks to emulate what the authors refer to as "rocket opera".

  • Alienist Press has released a hexmap template on Drivethru, with 21 different versions of hexmaps. It's currently available as a single pdf, but the author has plans to release them as pngs as well as individual files.

  • The Merry Mushmen are known for producing high quality, visually stunning books, and their first adventure, Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow, is now available in pdf through Drivethrurpg.

  • Pickpocket Press, the publishers of Low Fantasy Gaming, have released Tales of Argosa as a free, public playtest book. It's designed to be quick, deadly, and with more options to support solo and oracular style play.

  • PHM Issue 30 is now live on Kickstarter for a short little campaign. It features a mountainous hex and begins a deep dive into religion, providing guidelines for creating random deities in OSR-style games, with a focus on small, local gods.  

  • We've got some titles back in stock, as well as some new titles:

*Reach of the Roach God and the Book of Gaub are back in stock.

*Stoneburner is now in stock. It's a solo friendly game of demon hunting in a dwarven asteroid.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 29 is now available in a pdf. This is a mountainous hex, and features a roadside shrine desecrated by a corrupted nature spirit.

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