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OSR News Roundup for July 1st, 2024

Welcome to the first Roundup of July. This is going to be on the shortish side: we've got some illness in the family and work kind of exploded on me last week. The big news, gaming-wise, is that today is the one-year anniversary of Sabre Games opening. I've been plugging SabreCon2024, the mini-convention we're having from the 4th-7th in store, but we're also going to have a sale this week: you can take 15% off everything in stock with the code "One Year" at checkout.

  • This probably needs no announcing, but Goodman Games is funding The Caverns of Thracia, the legendary adventure by the late Jennell Jaquays, on Backerkit. This book will be available in both 5e and DCC flavors. I picked up the DCC version of the Dark Tower when it released earlier this year, and while I do prefer other versions of OSR-games I think that DCC does the game justice, and look forward to seeing what The Caverns of Thracia is like.

  • Samantha Leigh, author of Outliers and Anamnesis, wrote an adventure for Eco Mofos that you can now get from itch (she will also be at Sabre this Saturday, the 6th of July, to participate in a round-table discussion on gaming). Into the Antlion's Den is described as an episode of the Mad Max Muppets.

  • Another adventure for Eco Mofos, this one by Logan Dean, is the Abyss Protocol. This one is a race against time as an underground silo filled with treasure collapses.

  • Finally, David Blandy released the third of a trio of Eco Mofos adventures. A-Hole in the Ground is an underground mini-dungeon with eight deadly and weird rooms.

  • I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that Eco Mofos is also available in pdf. It's written using Into the Odd and Cairn, and is a post-apocalytic game set after ecological disaster.

  • I'd mentioned Spectacle awhile back when it was crowdfunding, and the pdf is now available on itch. Written for Troika, the central premise is that the characters are kidnapped by an alien overlord and forced into gladitorial combat.

  • Abara Cad Ebra is a village and adventure location written using the Old School Referee (which I mentioned a few weeks back) as a guide. It's in pre-release form, which means that purchasers will get the updated pdf as it is completed and worked on, so you get to see the work in progress.

  • The Scropulating of the Pious is a monster-hunting adventure that can be run with OSE, Mork Borg, or other similar OSR-style adventure. It's designed to be run as a one-shot and is one of the rare urban adventures.

  • Raphael Falk ran a ZineMonth campaign two years ago for Lucid: The Sea of Dreams a little over two years ago. Inspired by dreams, nightmares, and Jewish folklore, the production process hit a number of snags and delays, but Raphael kept at it and has finally released the pdf of the title. I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet, but look forward to doing so soon.

  • RPG Ramblings has released the recently Kickstarted Into the Madlands, Issue 1, a weird science fantasy zine by the same folks that produce Gary's Appendix.

  • Hugh Lashbrooke has been publishing a series of delightful short adventures written for Mausritter, set in their Kiwi Acres campaign world. Their most recent release is the PWYW An Urgent Quest.

  • I plugged The Mosidian Temple awhile back when it was crowdfunding, and it's now available on Drivethrurpg. Written by David Flors of Darklight Interactive, this is an adventure written when the author was in high school, many years ago, and re-released in all its glorious mess. As it was originally written for 1e it has been released for play with OSRIC.

  • I saw this pop up on my social media feed and it immediately grabbed my attention. Oh My Lost Darklords is a collection of thirteen misbegotted, misanthropic, and menacing player character classes, written for OSE and other similar games. It comes in at a chunky 126 pages, so there's plenty of stuff in there for your use.

  • Matt Finchand and Mythmere Games has released two new titles: Fiends and Foes and The Book of Options. Both are written for Swords and Wizardry, but like everything Matt does both are rich resources that can be mined for ideas regardless of the system that you're using.

  • Dark Wizard Games is running a Kickstarter to fund two books for their Maximum Mayhem adventure line: Fantastic Quest of Whimsical One & Lost Tomb of Mummy Lich. They're both high level adventurers written for 1e/OSRIC, and feature cover art by OSR-favorite Erol Otus.

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