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OSR News Roundup for July 24th, 2023

I had realized last week that I missed a number of OSR Kickstarters that had either just started or I forgot to mention, so I'm going to lead off with these.

*Appendix N Entertainment is raising funds for a special edition of their OSR-horror zine Octhorrorfest. If you're looking to incorporate horror or Halloween-themed elements in your OSR game, this is a must back.

*Jeffrey Jones has been putting out a zine called Gary's Appendix for the past year, and is up to Issue 3. It's a thoughtful look at various aspects of OSR gaming, and is also worth checking out.

*Artist JE Shields announced earlier in the year that they were entering the gaming arena as a full-time job, and they have just launched their second Kickstarter in that endeavour: MACE Vol. 2 presents 45 original villains that Referees can use to bedevil their players, all written and illustrated by Shields.

*The folks behind the Merry Mushmen are publishing their first adventure, Nightmare over Ragged Hollow, compatible with OSE and similar retroclones. They put out consistently top-notch products; my only complaint with them is how difficult it is to get in touch with them about questions or issues.

*Lazy Litch is another publisher that puts out continuously good products (I carry a bunch of their books), and I was super excited to see their new crowdfunding project, Wind Wraith, a nautical hexcrawl/shipbuilding game.

*holy shit is that guy dead is the awesome name of a new, one-page adventure written for Electric Bastionland.

*New submissions keep rolling in for the Cairn jam, and one of the newest ones is Exton: Edge of the West, a digest-sized setting zine designed for West Marches-style play.

*Another entry to the jam is The Rumbling Forest, an adventure inspired by Princess Mononoke and Philippine folklore.

*The Brigands of Bristleback Burrow is an adventure written for Shadowdark, intended for low-level parties. Like most of the stuff written for Shadowdark, it can be easily adapted to other OSR systems. It looks like there's an interesting variety of threats for a low-level party.

*I'd mentioned Mushroom Gnome a month or so ago when it was on Kickstarter; the finished product is now live on Drivethru is OSE (link above), Shadowdark, and DCC. It presents a new playable class, the Mushroom Gnome. Sounds like a class that would fit in perfectly with the upcoming Dolmenwood setting.

*All Chimeras Great and Small is a 0 or 1st level DCC adventure that features a variety of flesh-warped foes in the tradition of the Island of Dr. Moreau.

*I don't know how this came about, but my daughter loves skinwalkers. She, and everyone else, can now play a Skinwalker class, designed for Mork Borg and other similar games.

*James Spahn is at it again, this time writing Legacy of Blackscale Lagoon, and adventure for Swords and Wizardry, published by the new Mythmere Games imprint. It's a sandbox-style adventure inspired by Keep on the Borderlands.

*I never miss a chance to promote work featuring the art of Carlos Castilho, so when this came across my radar I wanted to make sure to include it. Scout Magazine, Vol. 1, is a new zine written for OSE. The inaugural issue features four new character classes (including the swashbuckler and the interestingly named necrourge), new magic items, and more.

*The Cosmic Gate is a weird, otherworldly adventure written for Old School Essentials that explores religious mysteries and how they affect a campaign world.

*The Gnarled Monster has releases three new titles to Drivethru: The Archon Ruins is a system-agnostic sandbox setting, and Beyond the Borderlands Issues 1 and 2 are an imaginative take on the Keep of the Borderlands setting.

*Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old is yet another retroclone, this one designed to emulate pulp swords and sorcery adventures. Note that I do not mean "yet another" in a derogatory sense.

*I'm obviously biased when it comes to high level and domain-style games, but there's a new supplement out that takes a look at those activities from a different perspective. Demesnes and Domination also adds some new classes and optional rules for old-school play.

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