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OSR News Roundup for July 30th, 2023

We're heading into GenCon week as July winds down to a close. This also means that Ennies voting is upon us. There are a couple of titles that are adjacent to this blog that I'd like to plug as deserving of your support (some of these titles you can purchase through this webstore!):

*Perils and Princesses is raising funds on Kickstarter and is doing quite well. It bills itself as a "Gritty and Pretty Fairytale" rpg, and the artwork is quite striking; kind of a 60s/70s paper cutout vibe to it.

*IKO has released The Lost Bay: First Look, a game set in the 90s that never were. The game is in the process of being updated and edited, and purchasers now are eligible for all updates.

*Pointless Monument has released a hexcrawl supplement for Cairn as part of the Cairn forest jam. The Chamberlain's Chessboard is an adventure hexcrawl of twelve hexes.

*Castle Rabid is a system-neutral OSR adventure written for third level characters. It's got a mild horror aesthetic and what looks to be a ton of random tables.

*CY_BORG has become a popular version of the Mork Borg system, and 100 CY_BORG Megacorps is a supplement that does what it says on the tin.

*The second printing of Sky ov Crimson Flame is now out. It's billed as a "blood-soaked 0-level adventure for DCC," and the second printing features new art and new content. Blight ov the Eastern Forest is the follow-up adventure that takes the newly minted 1st level characters (those that survive, at least), a sprawling epic quest to cleanse the evil that plagues the land.

*Into the Shadowlands is a supplement for Shadowdark that includes new classes, spells, and alternate rules.

*Cats of Cthulhu is one of the best selling books in the new store, and so my eye was immediately drawn to the release of Catpocalypse Meow, a collection of gaming goodies for the feline inclined.

*New Zealand Bestiary is a short, PWYW release for Mausritter that features an assortment of critters from New Zealand (the same author has also just released a number of other titles for Mausritter, but I'm not going to link to all of them; they can be easily found by searching under the publisher's name). However, I do want to plug Kiwi Acres, their new release of 10 adventures for Mausritter that form a mini-campaign setting.

*S Murphy Games has just released Gaspunk, an indie game of adventuring in a terrible, inhospitable wasteland (Australia). It is, the author freely admits, a rough work with minimal art and bare bones rules, but it's pay what you want and the rules for vehicular combat are pretty interesting and worth the price of the game on their own.

*I've added Skerple's The Monster Overhaul to the webstore, a massive, magnificent bestiary for OSR play that is geared towards playability at the table.

*I've also just added a near mint, used slipcase selection of the three Trophy RPG books to the store. This is a Kickstarter exclusive.

*We also just got in the Runecairn Bestiary, a new release by Ennie nominated author Colin Le Sueur for their Runecairn system.

*Also, we've added a loyalty program to the store/webstore. For every 100.00 you spend you get 5.00 in store credit. Folks who order online should be automatically enrolled in this program.

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