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OSR News Roundup for July 3rd, 2023

It's the first Monday in July, and I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to be getting this Roundup out in time, as we opened Sabre Games and Cards on Saturday, and I can't remember the last time I was this tired!

Anyway, I figured I didn't want to lose the momentum of these weekly posts, especially since I took a Monday off a couple of weeks ago, so let's dive right in, shall we (I can't promise this will be as long as some of the other Roundups, though).

*This is tangentially related to gaming, and is definitely old school: Ian Livingston is crowdfunding an retrospective book of Fighting Fantasy art. If anyone has fond memories of those solo-play gamebooks this is definitely a project worth checking out (I'm honestly a bit shocked that it hasn't, as of the time of this writing, already funded).

*It was released at the end of May, but I missed it, so I'm including it now. Adventurous, by Dawnfist Games, is a rules-light OSR system that uses a core d6 dicepool mechanic. The pdf is 8.50, and you get over 150 pages of content, so it sounds like a great deal.

*Daniel Lock and David Blandy are Kickstarting Eco Mofos, billed as "Miyazaki meets Mad Max on a psychedelic future Earth in this rules-lite solo-friendly TTRPG". The art alone looks to be worth the price of the book.

*Ingrown Hairs is a submission to the current Cairn jam on itch, and is an adventure based around the idea of "what if the woman we just executed for being a witch actually was a witch." The Devil's Millhopper is another submission, this one by rootdevil.

*Little Free Pamphlet is a FKR-hack based on OD&D.

*Mausritter is a cool little game that seems to sell out as fast as it gets printed, and Smuggler's Hide is a PWYW adventure using the system.

*I meant to mention this last week but it slipped through the cracks. Logar the Barbarian, of the recently ended Wobblies and Wizards podcast, has started up a new venture: The Hobo's Collective.

*Awkward Turtle is having an itch summer sale of two of their titles: Not a Place of Honor and Echelon Forest.

*Solitary Depths, a solo supplement for Mork Borg, is now available in a print on demand format.

*It's starting to get hot here in central Virginia, and Snowbound is a short OSE-pamphlet style hexcrawl adventure that sounds downright chilly.

*Moon's Haunted, an entry in 2023 Pocket Quest Jam, is a neat little look at an alternate history of lunar exploration.

*The folks at Red Ruin publishing are consistently putting out free content for the Dragon Warriors game, and their newest release is The Village of Garric, the second of the "Legendary Locations" supplements.

*Appendix N Entertainment has just released the Creature Companion, a selection of monsters statted for OSE and inspired by illustrations by Evlyn Moreau. You can buy the physical book through our webstore.

*The awesome-looking Electrocube War Adventurers gives you rules to play Transformers.

*The Moss Mother's Maze, by Loot the Room, is a system-neutral OSR adventure written by Chris Bissette.

*Douglas Cole and Gaming Ballistic has released Best Supporting Actors, a book written for OSE that contains nearly 200 individual detailed NPCs that are ready to be inserted into a game as needed.

*Outcast Silver Raiders, by Esoteric Ludology, is now available on Drivethru. I missed this Kickstarter, and have recently seen pictures of the finished product being posted online. It is a gorgeous product.

*I've released another hex in the Populated Hexes series: Troll Mountain provides two small dungeons, a number of wilderness encounters, and some supplemental material for your OSR-style game. Oh, I provided some expanded options for ropers, which I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 23 is now available through my webstore in print/pdf and pdf. It includes a mini-dungeon populated by mutoids and the gibbering mouther they worship, rules for adventuring in the Sable Wastes, a blasted landscape that was once a wealthy principality, and a new playable class: the deerfolk pathfinder.

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