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OSR News Roundup for June 6th

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We're heading into June and starting off with some bad news. Looks like Drivethru will be raising prices on their print books, *again*, beginning on July 13th. Black and white and standard colors are looking at a 6% increase, and premium color by 7-9% depending on size (in the US; UK prices seem to be more stable, but will still be affected). So, if you've been eyeing a print book from Drivethru this is the time to order it!

*Red Ruin Publishing has just released Scourge of the Shadows, a Dragon Warriors solo adventure, on Drivethru, for free!

*Fairies Fair and Foul, Vol. 1, has just been released on Drivethru. It's written for Labyrinth Lord by James Mishler, who's got a solid track record of products.

*FEI Games has released a PWYW Monk Class for Old School Essentials, something I see more requests for than anything else, I think.

*Goblin's Henchman has been putting out some really cool stuff, including the pioneering hex flower system of random determination with a memory, and they've just released Field Guide to Random Determination in RPGs as a PWYW product.

*Curtis Lyon has released The Latest Edition Hack, for folks that like the current version of D&D bu want something a little more old-school.

*I haven't heard of this publisher before, but Aaron Reed has released a couple of really cool looking products: Ten Ports in an Infinite Sky and Skycrawl Collection, a bundle that includes the former title as well as Skycrawl.

*Rodney Nedlose has released the beta version of Blood and Gold, a new rules-light OSR-game.

*Chaos Before the Mast is a 2nd-level DCC compatible adventure with a nautical theme.

*No one has a better track record at Kickstarter, or more creative ideas, than Kevin Crawford of Sine Nomine, and he has just launched a new campaign for the Atlas of the Latter Earth, a companion to his Worlds Without Number core rulebook.

*Looks like the popular Traveller Clone, Cepheus, is going to be getting a deluxe version. Kickstarter goes live July 1.

*Matt Finch's excellent Tome of Adventure Design is out in pdf and available through Drivethru or his own website. I think this is one of the best books available to provide inspiration for all aspects of gaming.

*Aidan Bowes just released Bad Spaceships on itch, a game inspired by Red Dwarf based on building your own spaceship.

*A Pocket Full of Tater Tots is a one-page rpg inspired by Napolean Dynamite. It can be downloaded from itch.

*Luke Simonds has released Tomb of the Twins on itch, a small dungeon set in the tomb of two ancient necromancers. For use with the Black Hack 2e.

*I've launched a Quickstarter for the Basilisk Hills Ultimate Hexcrawl, funding an offset print version of the book. It ends later this week, so now's your chance to pick up a sewn-binding copy of the book at the discounted Kickstarter rate. For folks that alredy backed the pdf there's an option to back at a lower price point.

*After a brief hiatus while I was working on the Lake of Abominations Kickstarter, Populated Hexes Monthly #10 is out in rough draft form to my patreons. The final version will be going out to them in the next week or so, and then it will be made available to everyone else a bit later. If you haven't checked out my Patreon I release the PHM issues monthly, and offer all my products at a discount.

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