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OSR News Roundup for June 12th, 2023

Here's the News Roundup for the second Monday in June. As a head's-up, I will either be taking next week off or will release a delayed Roundup, as I'll be traveling that weekend and will likely not have much time to compile. We'll see, though.

*Sigve Solvaag has released Brutalist, a game of a low-tech cyberpunk future. It's available as a pwyw on itch, and looks really neat.

*The fantastic game Grok is kickstarting a French version. It's good to see indie games being translated into different languages.

*Atum is a bifold, collaborative world-building guide available on itch, released under the Creative Commons.

*Squidhead Games has released M.A.G -- Minimalist Adventure Gaming. It uses step dice as a resolution mechanic, and can be played solo or with a group.

*Zalanthar is a sandals and sorcery setting in progress available via itch as a PWYW product.

*Cats have no Lord has translated Alchemy and Potions, for Cairn, from German into English.

*Knight is Kickstarting right now, with a week left to go. It's a game of knightly chivalry, with an emphasis on inclusivity.

*Spellzard is a short and flexible rpg system designed to emulate old-school british rpgs.

*Matt Finch has released the revised edition of Swords and Wizardry. It sounds like it's not the final version -- he's still trying to figure out which license to use -- but it is out! I'm not going to link to all of them, but he's also released a bunch of supplements for S&W.

*Sacrifice is a d20 based game where you play as individuals who have been marked for demonic sacrifice. It's a game of hexcrawling exploration and survival.

*The Terror-Dome of Warlord Daikhan is a Stars Without Number that has a distinctly 80s feel to the art.

*Angry Golem Games has released Equipment Emporium, a supplement with additional equipment that is compatible with Worlds Without Number.

*Mini-Lootz: Arcane Experiments is a supplement for the Index Card RPG and feature a d20 list of magic items.

*Dark Raptor Press has released Farrago 6, a short zine for Shadowdark and other OSR rps.

*Champions of Odd is a hack of Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland, set in a world of ancient floating cities.

*Lord of the Wilderness, by Spellbook Games, fills a niche that I have particular interest in, but this supplement seems to be designed to focus more on high-level downtime activities that can be resolved behind the scenes.

*I didn't realize this was out, but Fantastic Geographic Issue 3, by Silver Bulette Games, is now available as a pdf.

*Red Ruin Publishing is at it again with another free release for the Dragon Warriors game. Just in time for the heat of summer, Winter's Breath is an adventure set in freezing climes.

*Stitchkin is a PWYW creature supplement for Mork Borg.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 22 is also out on Drivethru right now, focusing on a forested area containing the lair of a fungal horror. It includes new monsters, spells, and magic items themed for a wooded environment, as well as the ironskin craftpriest, a character class capable of forging gear from living metal. You can also buy it through me in staplebound, offset printed form.

*En Garde is a dueling mini-game that can be added to virtually any OSR-style game to add tension and drama to fights.

*After a month-long hiatus, the hexcrawl Actual Play Basilisk Hills Breakdown is out with its seventh episode, in which the party continues to explore the nearby hexes in expectation of settling them.

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