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OSR News Roundup for June 13th

It seems like the slump in releases in the past few weeks is over, as this week is just packed with new stuff to share. I've also been asked to clarify the price increase that will be occuring on Drivethru for print products: it looks like it will happen July 13th. Sorry for not including the date during the last Roundup.

Also, at some point in the near future I'd like to do a Patreon specific Roundup (probably on a different day than the News Roundup). So, if you've got a Patreon you'd like to plug, or are a patron of one (gaming related only) that you think should get some more love, send me an email at thirdkingdomgames at gmail dot com.

*James Mishler has released The Demon Tower of Veldig Fel, an adventure set in Mishler's hexcrawl setting.

*I posted about these random dungeon generators a couple of roundups ago, and there's a new one out: Twists and Turns is a generator for creating mazes and labyrinths.

*Why Not Games are released their NTRPGCon Special, the first look at their System 84 multi-genre OSR system.

*There's a new adventure out for Castles and Crusades: M4 A Deadly Tide is the fourth adventure in a series.

*I was trying to explain to my daughter about the appeal of indoor malls in the late 80s/early 90s a few weeks ago, so this new release is perfect: The Mall is billed as the Thing set in a 90s mall.

*I like seeing maps that can be customized by the Referee, and the RPG Blacksmith has released the Goblin Forest, a collection of seven customizable maps that come in numbered and unnumbered versions.

*Seven Strangers is a collection of seven new classes for Mork Borg.

*The prolific Tibbius has released the Boring Hack, a low-magic streamlined OSR game.

*Monkey's Paw Games is hosting the OSR June Jam on itch. It's open until the end of the month, and they've already got 45 entries, so it should definitely be worth checking out, or even submitting to, if you've got something you think would fit.

*Wizardry is a new release by the talented Emiel Boven, presenting alternate spellcasting rules for DURF. It looks like it would be easily adapted to any OSR game, though.

*Sivad's Sanctum has released Volume 3 of Helm, a game inspired by dark fantasy sword and sorcercy.

*Perplexing Ruins was a subject of an early Meet the Publisher interview, and they have just released Campaign Notebook, which looks like a really cool way to track and develop settings and adventures.

*This caught my eye; Hairic Minis has released a four-pack of printable paper minis called Green Witch Pack.

*Sage da Mage has just published Wasted Potential Incorporated on itch, a potential home base for players.

*The Hidden was just released an itch, as part of the Breathless game jam. It's a take on supernatural horror shows.

*I'm trying to make room in my inventory for a big shipment of used books I'm expecting next week, so I'm having a 25% off sale on used books through Tuesday night. Use the code "Clearance03" at checkout to get the discount applied to all used books.

*I'm also excited to announce a couple of new books I've just added.

  • The Visitor is the new 'zine by Brooklet Games with art by Perplexing Ruins.

  • Haunted West is a massive masterpiece by Chris Spivey, of Harlem Unbound fame. I'm really pleased I got this in stock. If you're interested in a comprehensive Weird West game you owe it to yourself to check it out.

  • Issue #10 of Populated Hexes Monthly is now available in pdf through the website. This issue remains in the shadow of the Plateau of Leng and details Kahudbar, the Dreaming City, and has stats for Denizens of Leng and a description of the moon-rubies the Leng-folk used as currency.

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