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OSR News Roundup for June 24th, 2024

May and the first part of June were pretty slow with new releases, but the pace picked up last week and looks to continue at the same pace this week. Maybe the heat wave gripping the eastern US is keeping folks inside and writing?

  • I'm not familiar with S. Murphy's work: they wrote a "car-polcalyptic" rpg called Gaspunk that's available on itch, and just recently published a PWYW adventure and mini-setting called Drytongue Valley on itch. There's not an actual page count given (that's one feature I think would be helpful for itch to implement with their pdf downloads), but it seems like there's a ton of content in there.

  • I'd mentioned the game See You, Space Cowboy awhile back when it was funding on Kickstarter, and the first adventure anthology for the game has about four days left to go and has already funded. You get eight adventures/scenarios, each laid out in a simple, easy to run two-page format.

  • One of my favorite indie publishers is Prismatic Wasteland, author of Big Rock Candy Hexcrawl and the award-wining Barkeep on the Borderlands, and they've just released Trouble in Paradisa, inspired by an obscure (to me, at least), 90's Lego kit.

  • Cosmic Chill Creations has released Oolroob, an expansion for the cool and weird Slugblaster game. It (Oolroob) is set in Perth, Australia, and is available as a PWYW download.

  • I'm not familiar with Revolution Comes to the Kingdom, by Porcupine Publishing, but they've released a compilation of all three books on itch. Set in a nameless country in the aftermath of World War 2, it explores themes of civil strife, global struggle and hegemony, set in against a backdrop of spiritual awakening.

  • Red Solstice, Issue 5 is now out on itch. It's a sprawling, experimental, wide ranging gaming magazine with a host of authors and contributors.

  • The Troika! Bestiary jam ended a few days ago, and I'm sad that I missed it and didn't get a chance to promote it. But I've been seeing some cool entries pop up: one of them is Heliozincographic Drones, a mini-boss that, when defeated, reveals a nearby area of interest, neatly providing a further adventure hook to dangle in front of your players.

  • Hilander has released The Old School Referee, a compilation of tips, advice, and guidelines for running old-school style games as well as crafting worlds and adventures.

  • Long time readers of the Roundup will know that I am a huge fan of the work of Zedeck Siew, of Reach of the Roach God and A Thousand, Thousand Islands fame. David Blandy, author of the ECO Mofos, has just released an adventure written by Siew for EM. Entitled To Put Away a Sword, like all of Siew's work it struggles with concepts of war and peace, of alternative means of resolving conflicts, and of dealing with the aftermath of struggles.

  • Jeffrey Jones has been publishing his zine, Gary's Appendix, on a semi-regular basis for a couple of years now, and is currently raising funds for Issue 6. The theme of this issue is Dragons!

  • Crumbling Keep is Kickstarting Techcromancer, an adventure for Mothership that plays around with the adventure format, including audio and visual components that are used to run the scenario.

  • Warpland, the post-apocalyptic rpg by Gavriel Quiroga, is currently funding on Kickstarter for a revised print run of this very cool game and setting. Gavriel is one of the Latin American creators that I always keep an eye on for their releases. If you like Rifts, but wish it were even more gonzo, with better rules, I would recommend Warpland as a good substitute.

  • Outcast Silver Raiders is a recently released, and absolutely gorgeous, OSR rules-set. Melpomene Games has just released Hexen Vol. 1, a supplement for OSR released under their third-party license. It's an ambitious project, and looks like it contains a lot of cool stuff that adds to Silver Raiders. The release is currently in beta, and so can be purchased now for a huge discount; early bird purchasers will get any future updates, so it's definitely a bargain right now.

  • The Sunken Sisters is a 35-page adventure module by David Henley written for Old School Essentials.

  • I was talking to a customer the other day about the works of Jim Wampler and extoling the weirdness of Mutant Crawl Classics, and I just happened up Martian Crawl Classics, a setting and expansion for MCC that asks the question: what if the Great Disaster was not caused by the hubris of Man but rather by a Wellsian invasion from Mars?

  • Knave 2 has been released, and Noobirus has followed hot on its heels with Knave 2ed -- Expanded Lore, a PWYW supplement for Knave.

  • Speaking of Knave 2e, you can get the pdf on Drivethru. I'm waiting patiently for retailer copies to come available so I can get some in for Sabre.

  • I'm trying out a couple of things for Kickstarters: the BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol. 2, is currently fulfilling, and I've opened a pre-order store where you can pick up the volume for the same price as the original Kickstarter. Additionally, Kickstarter has started offering the ability to pledge late to projects, so you can still get in on the KS for Issue 35 of Populated Hexes Monthly. This issue contains the first level of the dungeon underneath Dry Gulch, a mining community west of the Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl region.

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